Jeff Bridges still "digging the Dude"

With an Oscar and a beverage (although not a White Russian) in hand, no less:

Good for him! :smiley:

Champagne?!?!? Where’s the White Russian? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you meant this link (great video though :D)

Funny, his Oscar speech reminded me of a different character he played. Obediah Stane when he was accepting the award on Tony’s behalf.

Bridges was so creepy in The Vanishing that I really had a hard time watching him for awhile. Thankfully I got over that. Minor trivia… remember who he co-starred with and made disappear?

It hurts my brain to listen to him speaking extemporaneously.

Keifer Sutherland, wasn’t it?

Actually, in the film, Keifer is looking for his missing girlfriend…Sandra Bullock!

Huh. I double-checked to make sure Bridges and not Bullock was shown. Curse you,! :: shakes fist ::


Jeff Bridges announces he has cancer; quotes the Dude. Here’s to a quick and full recovery!