Jeff Corwin's Alaska series...factual errors

I have been to Alaska twice—just got back a couple days ago from my second trip—so I have been watching with interest the Travel Channel special miniseries on Alaska with Jeff Corwin. And I’ve been noticing that this series is chock full of factual errors and misleading images.
For example, he says in the episode on the Kenai Peninsula that there are only 7,500 humpback whales left in the world. Uh…no. They are very endangered, but their numbers are closer to 50-60,000. There are more than 7,500 in just the Northern Pacific, much less the world.
In the episode on Denali, he said that caribou were a highly threatened species, with only 2,000 now in the park. Well, yes, caribou numbers are low in the park—although many scientists think this is because wolves are protected in the park while they are not outside the park—but in Alaska in general, including the interior where Denali is located, there are still tens of thousands of caribou and their herds are doing quite well.
There are more, but those are the most striking ones that got me.
Also, I understand that somen scenes need to be reshot after the fact, for the sake of the flow and appearance of the series, but this show seems to be just one after another of scenes that are quite obviously Corwin filmed at a different time than the animals and scenes he’s presenting.
Anyone else watching this? I find this distracting from what otherwise would be an enjoyable series.