Jeff Goldblum's new show, Raines: Anyone gonna give it a try?

It looks like an interesting premise. He just did a promo on the Today Show and I’m definitely going to give it a try.

I love his style (aside from the fact that I think he’s a total babe) and I’ve got the highest hopes that he did not sign onto a stupid project. Anyone else gonna take a look?

Given that Thursday is pretty dead at our house once Survivor is over, why not?

I saw Jeff on Letterman the other night and not much was said about the show except for Jeff acting weird in it. How would we know?

Do you remember Jeff in that first Death Wish Bronson movie? Just a punk with no lines.

Sorry, but the Death Wish movies have gone pretty much dark in my memory. He’s a strange one, alright…but in a good way!

I’ve got the Tivo set–the commercials look fantastic. :slight_smile:

Yes. Unique. Not just every Hollywood type can say that. I thought he and Geena Davis made a neat couple.

My favorite role of his was in a peculiar movie that I saw again recently: Into The Night. I also enjoyed his character in Silverado.

I’d give it a try if it didn’t have that stupid-ass he-might-be-receiving-messages-from-the-murder-victims premise. Isn’t that basically what Tru Calling is all about?

Eh…I don’t know…quirky detective with mental issues that cause him to be able to look at crimes in a strange way and solve them? Sounds a whole lot like a cross between Monk and Tru Calling with maybe a little Medium thrown in. I’ll probably give it a try just because as another poster mentioned, there’s not a whole lot else on Thrusday night.

Don’t forget Psych!

I also have Tivo set to record Raines. I love Monk and Psych and I’m a fan of Jeff Goldblum, so this looks promising.


If you miss it tonight, you can see the same episode tomorrow - same time, same channel.

I love Thursday night tv again! With Earl and The Office? What’s not to like??

I liked his last mystery series, and I am willing to enjoy this one too. Too bad Ben Vereen isn’t on this one.

I love Goldblum but… ergh. The episode order was reduced even before it premiered. Not a good sign.

I thought it was established by the promos that he has hallucinations, not that he was in any way psychic or pretending to be psychic.

Tru Calling was ‘different’… the dead person of the week would open eyes and say “Help Me” to Tru, who would then go back 24 hours and attempt to help said dead person…

Tru did not ‘see ghosts’ or ‘visions’… other than the re-wind aspect, she was perfectly ‘normal’ wrt that stuff.

I dunno if it was really shown one way or the other in the promos. One showed him talking to (I think) a psychiatrist, but I don’t remember them saying one way or the other whether he was seeing real dead people or hallucinating them (and if hallucinating, whether or not he was aware he was hallucinating).

But on the drive into work this morning, Goldblum did a phone interview for the station I was listening to. In the discussion between him and the DJs, they stated pretty firmly that the “dead people” were his method for mentally working out the case, rather than anything paranormal. So more like “Monk” (quirky investigator with odd habits) and less like “Medium”.

I’ve got it set up on DVR, we’ll see how it works out. Mid-season “fillers” can go either way…

You remember that, too? IMDB says it was called Ten Speed and Brown Shoe… I thought it was Ten Speed and Gum Shoe. Damn, I’m getting old.

I like Goldblum, but the premise looks dumb (sort of a hash of “Medium” and “Crossing Jordan”). Yeah he may not really be talking to the victims, but that, in some ways, makes it even more stupid for me. It may be a great show, but I’m afraid I’ll never know one way or the other.

Nah, it was “Brown Shoe” referring to Goldblums wearing of brown wingtips and all that implied.

Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop.


I had the same high hopes for James Wood in “Shark,” but after the first season break, the show came back with all of its character removed. Fingers crossed for Goldblum’s show, that it doesn’t get “lowest common denominatored.”