Jeff Wise aviation expert claims Russia and Putin hijacked MH370

Is Jeff Wise just an idiot or could there be even an iota of truth in his outrageous claim.

Citation?. The only physical evidence leads to the conclusion that the Reunion Tourist Board hijacked MD370.

Business Insider

Why and what for?

Okay, not impossible, but no evidence. Too many national air spaces violated to get to Kazakhstan … India and China would have to be in on the conspiracy.

“To tamper with the data, someone snuck into the electronics and equipment compartment on the plane.” This would have to be after they killed everyone on board? Maybe not, but why the hell cut all other communication channels and leave one open? If there were people on board alive, why didn’t they use their cell phones?

Jeff Wise needs a motive assigned to Putin … “why and what for” needs an answer before we stop searching the Indian Ocean bottom.

Sounds like Jeff Wise is making money on this theory, so definitely not an idiot

This sounds like somebody was playing Steve Jackson’s Illuminati and took what happened in the game as fact.

Wait. They hijacked the plane, then took it apart and dropped pieces in the Indian Ocean that would wash ashore on Reunion and Madagascar?

Seems like a lot of work for a plane that has had no (reported) dignitaries, scientists, spy plans, etc.

That’s where my money is. I wouldn’t trust either his gut or his brain.

Helping cover up the downing of another jet by Putin-sympathizing rebels, yeah, I can see Putin doing that.

Hijacking MH370 for no conceivable purpose? Nah.

That’s why they shot down MH17, for those parts.

I don’t see what the mystery is. The plane experienced an “event” and appears to have turned back to the nearest airport. I have seen various discussions (including here) that if there were an electrical fire, the first thing they would do is turn off all the breakers, consistent with what was observed. The pilots’ oxygen bottle is in the same compartment as the electronics - and there’s been one aircraft failure where the oxygen bottle valve broke and the bottle shot out the side of the aircraft. An electrical room flooded with pure oxygen, aircraft depressurization… what could possibly go wrong?

Of course, by the time the pilots had changed course in the autopilot and attended to the other tasks, how much time would they have to realize they had no oxygen before they passed out?

The only conspiracy theory I see is the military establishment of two countries both refusing to admit their defense radar was so poor that they did not note an aircraft on an odd course flying straight and direct over Malaysia and then Indonesia and off into the southeast.

An airplane which suffers an in-flight fire bad enough for electrical faults to occur has maybe 15 minutes until it isn’t flying anymore, either landed or crashed after becoming uncontrollable.

Furthermore, the Inmarsat satellite pings indicate that the plane’s electrical system still had power until it ran out of fuel, and suggest that it made deliberate course changes hours after losing radio contact. The Inmarsat pings also rule out the “hijacked and flown to Kazakhstan” theory, as they show the final course heading out into the Indian ocean.

Yeah, the flaperon discovery should debunk Wise’s theory once and for all.

The timing is extremely suspicious. Suffer an “event” just in between the time of signoff with Malaysian ATC and right before check-in with Vietnamese ATC? That’ the perfect window of time for someone with nefarious motives to make the plane go off course.

Finally, what could Russia gain from this? It would blow up in Moscow’s face no matter what. So, suppose that Russia secretly hijacked MH370 - what then? Do they tell the Malaysian, American, Chinese and other governments, *“Hey, we have the ability to secretly hijack planes - just look at MH370?” * There’d be retaliation and backlash - one way or another. Maybe not publicly, but the backlash would be sure to come. What does Russia gain out of all of it?