Jehova's Witnesses step up their game.

No longer content to settle for passing out issues of The Watchtower, these JWs show up at your door naked and kidnap you.

Nice to see the “Naked Kidnap” has gained wider acceptance.

I’ve said too much! :eek:

damn ! what the hell was in that tea?

Cripes, what congregation are they in? The ones I attended were as boring as a Nebraska rest stop.

I’m guessing these folks will soon be disfellowshipped for being so interesting.

Ho-ly shit! I ain’t opening the door for no naked people anymore, this just seals the deal. I been scared straight.

You’re going to the wrong Nebraska rest stops, My Friend. :wink:

With the snow in the photo, I was prepared to suggest that paradoxical undressing due to hypothermia could have been involved in them being found naked. (The story is actually from last November). Apparently not, though. According to the article, four of them–all of them except the girls’ mother–were changing clothes, then abruptly stampeded out in a panic without getting dressed. That timing strikes me as…odd.

Keep your sword ready.

And here I thought membership week on NPR was annoying.


Man, if I had a nickle for every time Lakshmi Singh showed up on my front porch naked…


(For those who don’t get the reference)

The story is bizarre and though I strongly oppose naked kidnapping, this made me laugh out loud:


This is on my top ten list of Dope posts ever. I can’t read this and NOT laugh.

Quick question: simple mistake/typo, or did you misspell Jehovah because you know Witnesses really hate that?

Mostly because I was typing it with my thumb on a phone and didn’t notice.

I will admit to some rumbles with the JWs, but this is a new one on me.