Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins (also, tell me about Rilo Kiley)

I was just randomly clicking around iTunes last night, when I came across “Rabbit Fur Coat” by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. I had never heard of any of them before, but I’m lovin’ it!™ Especially Rise Up With Fists!! and Handle With Care (which has the guys from Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie as well). The rest of the album is growing on me too.

If you like the folksy/indie type stuff, check out a couple of tracks here:

Doing a little reading, I see Jenny is the lead singer of Rilo Kiley. I’ve heard that name but I’m wholly unfamiliar with their music. Any fans here? What’s their most approachable stuff to new listeners? What’s their “best” stuff? I love Jenny’s voice so I’m definitely interested to hear more.

I picked up Takeoffs and Landings, which came out a few years ago. It’s definitely good, and if you like Jenny Lewis’ album you’d like this. But I actually think her solo record is a little better. I haven’t heard any of RK’s subsequent disks.

I love Jenny & Rilo Kiley. I highly recommend More Adventorous & The Execution Of All Things. Great stuff.

I’ve been loving **Rabbit Fur Coat ** lately as well.

As far as Rilo Kiley, I don’t have any albums but I love the track “Portions for Foxes”.

I’m seeing **Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins ** on Tuesday night at Park West here in Chicago…I’ll have to post here afterwards and let you know how it was.

Also — Jenny Lewis was a bit of a child star with guest roles in numerous TV shows and a big part in The Wizard.

Here’s her IMDB page.

Rilo Kiley is fantastic. Especially More Adventurous. Get thee to The Hype Machine, Slacker, and check out some of their songs.

For those interested, Team Love almost always has free mp3s online. In this case, you can just about download the entire album.

I believe the song “Teenage Lovesong” was written about David “Bud Bundy” Faustino.

My favorite RK song is “Does He Love You?” (off of More Adventurous).

My favorite Rilo Kiley song is “I Never.” Pure lusty perfection. Jenny is beautiful, and has a gorgeous voice. All three of the band’s albums are excellent.

She has also performed with the Postal Service, no?

Blake Sennett is the other singer/writer for Rilo Kiley, records as The Elected as a side project.

RK albums

Take Offs and Landings
The Execution of All Things
More Adventurous

Purists agree that Execution is the best of the three. The most recent is the most commercial, and has the least involvement by Sennett vocally. The first twoi albums are more alt-country/pop then the third album.

They are exemplary live, if you can, go see them.


What the heck is a Rilo Kiley “purist”?

Translation: I’m hipper than thou! I liked them before they were cool!