Jenny McCarthy Encounters A Ghost (or some other entity beyond her comprehension)

ONOZ A GHOST!! :eek:

Is it the Spirit of Christmas Past? The Ghost of Hamlet’s father? The vengeful poltergeist of a child dead as a result of the anti-vax idiocy echoing through and occasionally issuing from Jenny McCarthy’s empty head?

Or might there be some other explanation?

:smack: :smack: :smack:

Jenny McCarthy Encounters A Ghost (or some other entity beyond her comprehension)

What isn’t beyond her comprehension? I still think this willfully ignorant moron should be jailed for the damage she did with her anti-vax rants.

To be fair, that was far from a “freak out” from the bit in the link.

Aye, one does imagine many are the things beyond Jenny McCarthy’s comprehension.

Jenny McCarthy’s fame is beyond my comprehension.


Hey, when a woman whose only discernible “talent” is a willingness to take her clothes off for money talks, you listen, because she’ll totally like, show you her boobs and stuff.

Worked with a guy who hung out at the same Southside Irish bars as her and Michael Flatley. Who knew he was straight? Who knew she was a party girl who has since demonstrated no other redeeming qualities? Me; the first was a bit of a surprise, the second was no surprise at all.

There is a vaccine against ghosts. Tell her.

No, you guys don’t understand! That tune is the one that ghosts like to play. It’s the biggest hit in the afterlife. That was definitely a ghost playing the piano. It’s just a coincidence that Google Home also uses it. (Or is it? Oooo…)

Compared to other theories of external/malevolent interventions floated by antivaxers, this probably doesn’t even make the Silly Top Ten.

One of my favorites is ex-network correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s declaration that her computer had been hacked by mysterious opponents and information erased (the culprit turned out to be a stuck delete key).

Maybe Jenny is back in the news because she feels the need to compete against another ditzy model who’s getting attention currently. It seems that Elle McPherson (onetime supermodel and now known for selling "ingestible plant supplements*) has begun dating antivax guru Andrew Wakefield.

*preferable to using rhino horn extract, which got her into trouble some years back).