Jens Stoltenberg NATO Secretary General, good or not?

Jens Stoltenberg was urged to prolong his NATO leadership last year (While at the same time having basically accepted the position of Central Bank chief of Norway), and he accepted another term. The pressure to continue as Secretary General came from several central NATO countries, including USA and the EU.

What are your thoughts on this man? I feel he is doing everything right and is a strong stabilizing person, who makes NATO stronger.

He has got some merits from before. He was the Prime minister of Norway twice, and as such met all the leaders of the world and made friendships with many. He is knowledgeable about all issues (He reads up).

So what do you guys think? In this time of war.

The only thing that annoys me is that he has got an annoying Norwegian accent when he speaks english :slight_smile:

With how important NATO operations at sea are I think it’s good to have a secretary-general from Norway. It helps them scan de navy in.

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The actions of the NATO Secretary General have never really pinged my radar, even now that it’s a fellow Norwegian. He’s always seemed like a competent person to me, but I’m mostly glad the prolonged NATO gig torpedoed a blatantly political appointment to head of the Central Bank over the competent woman with a PhD in economics, 20 decades of directly relevant experience much of it in the bank and who’d been second in command of the bank for months.

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I would like to see a new face as head of NATO.


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In the past they had a labor union official from the Scotch whisky industry with no obvious qualifications for the post.