Jeopardy 3/3

By that logic, the sentence ‘Witch weigh two thee heart gal airy?’ is perfectly correct because if you read it aloud (in many accents - not mine, but many), it would sound just the same as ‘Which way to the art gallery?’

But, no, those are all different words, despite being homophonous. If you wouldn’t accept that sentence as a written response, arguing that ‘ho’ and ‘hoe’ should be accepted as the same word is inconsistent.

What I couldn’t believe was that the family doctor got the question about the universal blood type recipient wrong.

because they cannot see you!

But it’s a moot point, Jeopardy responses (with the exception of the final round) are given orally, not in writing. If the correct response to a clue really was “What is ‘Which way to the art gallery?’” and a contestant with the accent you describe instead said “What is ‘Witch weigh two thee heart gal airy’?” then I can guarantee you it would have been accepted. The producers do not stop the game every time someone utters a homophone to ask them to transcribe it (or if they do, 95% of the show must be edited out before it reaches television).

Then I’m guessing that bushtit really gets you going?

Pretty funny, but I don’t think he was going for a laugh. I think he was just stumped and couldn’t identify a chinchilla or a titmouse. Hey, it was worth a try!

The lady in the middle had no clue as to the scarcity/price of dynamite.

If there is any single reason why Jennings’s answer was ruled wrong, it’s this. As someone else pointed out, the pleasure seeker in such a situation is actually called a “john”.

It was astonishing that not one of the 3 got the right answer. It was one of the easiest I’ve seen.

No but Lake Titicaca does it for me. :smiley:

My parents thought this was hilarious!

I was surprised by that, too. It seemed very obvious to me. Then again I missed Friday’s FJ question along with all three contestants - but at least I was in the ballpark.* I wonder when it last happened that someone won two straight Jeopardy games without getting FJ right either time.

*Scientific Discoveries
Clue: "In 1919, Barely 20 years after its discovery, it was the world’s most expensive substance at $3 million an ounce.

What is Radium? [I guessed uranium.]