Jeopardy debate: number of players

The other day, my friend and I were watching the Jeopardy championship finals. She was surprised that there were only three players on the show and is convinced that she remembers seeing four players during this championship at one time.

Other than telling her that she is just plain wrong, I need some evidence to back up my contention that Jeopardy only allows 3 players to play at any one time. Period. Never more than three.

Twenty bucks is on the line, so could you all confirm this for me so that I can go spend the money on beer. Thanks.

I think regular Jeopardy has always had just 3 players. There was a special tournament once called Super Jeopardy that used 4 players in the quarterfinals.
Super Jeopardy

I remember seeing 4 players once. It was a round of the Tournament of Champs during which there’s normally 3 players, but a tie forced them to bring both on for the finals, or semifinals, or something like that.

My memory is hazy, but I vaguely recall a prime-time version of Jeopardy, one featuring a lot of the 5-time champions who’d been on the show before, and I’m pretty sure they had more than 3 contestants competing at a time.

astorian, you’re thinking of the one-time-only Super Jeopardy tournament.