Jeopardy History being made tonight 3/16/07

The PR flacks at Sony have sent out a press release to TV writers about tonight’s episode:

This Friday, March 16th, 2007…and for the first time in 23 years, “Jeopardy!” history will be made. It was such a remarkable event we consulted a Game Theory expert and he said it may never happen again! I wish I could give you more information about this special show, unfortunately, I can only encourage you and your valuable readers to watch Friday’s program. Alex Trebek and our producers remain mum and I, myself, have been sworn to secrecy.

So what are your guesses? I don’t think it has anything to do with dollar amounts - Jennings reset most, if not all, of them during his trun.

I’m guessing something like a 2 or 3-way tie at the end of the show.

Two way ties have happened before, they just bring back both players for the next show. A three way tie with an actual money value would be pretty crazy, I could see somehow everyone ending with zero. What happens if someone finishes double jeopardy with zero so they don’t get a shot at final, and then someone else bets it all in final jeopardy and loses, who finished 2nd and who finished 3rd? Could you come in 2nd even though you weren’t even allowed to stay on the stage for final jeopardy? How do they judge any ties between 2nd and 3rd?

The money record is $75,000.

According to Wikipedia, so take this for what it’s worth…

You’re right, it’s a three-way tie. With the game theory reference, that’s really the only thing that makes sense.

Since these are just guesses, I see no need to spoilerize it.

I’m guessing 3-way tie with all contestants ending up with nothing each.

As for judging ties between 2nd & 3rd, it’s a moot point. Since they’ve gone to all cash prizes, they don’t have 2nd & 3rd place prizes.

As an alternate theory (since it’s probably the three-way tie), could it be every question revealed and answered correctly? Or has that happened before?

This will be the first time that Alex wins. Everybody else loses. Alex gives the money to voice-over guy Johnny Gilbert and does a back flip. Fade to black.

One of the contestants should write “Xela Kebetr” as their answer, just to see what happens…

Nope, that’s happened before.

My guess is one contestant answers every question correctly AND gets the daily doubles at the ends of each half AND plays true daily doubles AND goes for it all on Final Jeopardy.

My second guess, though much less likely, Paris Hilton is a contestant and answers a question correctly.

Option #2 is more likely, but I’d not be there to see it. :smiley:

My guess is that at the end of the show Alex strips down and streaks across the stage.

Will Sean Connery be making an appearance?

All three finish Double Jeopardy in the red, so nobody makes it to Final Jeopardy. Trebek has to dither and stall for ten minutes.

That’s my guess.

Last week I saw a guy win with 400 bucks. Maybe they will break that.

I saw a show many years ago where there was only one guy left for Final Jeopardy because the other two were in the negative so scratch that.

Probably a three way tie but maybe not all at 0.

Maybe all three contestants are tied BEFORE Final Jeopardy.

Jeopardy in my location was pre-empted by college basketball last night. I can only assume this will happen again, tonight. :frowning:

A 3-way tie on Jeopardy would really kick-ass, though.

Three way tie all contestants with $1. Most contestants don’t bet up to the same am’t during Final Jeopardy wagering, but many will set their wagers so that no matter what happens, they wind up with $1.

I always though that, eventually, three Final players would miss the question, and each would have wagered everything but $1, since it is pretty common to do that.

A huge fight between contestants?

Alex Trebec joins forces with Mulder and Scully to investigate an alleged alien crash landing, penis ensues