Jeppesen IFR training hoods

If I’m going to start flying again – and in this region – I think it would be a good idea to pursue an IFR rating. That necessitates a hood. I went under the hood last Autumn when I got airborne, and it was this flimsy thing with an elastic strap. The instructor had to staple the strap to the approximate length, as it had lost its elasticity. It looked like this. Sorry… Like this.

My dad had Jeppesen IFR hoods that had a non-flexible plastic ‘hat band’ that could be adjusted with a knob, and a band over the top as well. The lightweight visor was hinged so it could be flipped up. I like this design better than the one in the first paragraph, or the sight-limiting Foggles and other goggles, but they seem to have disappeared. I can’t even find an image to post.

Anyone knows if the Jeppesen-style knob-adjustable, flip-up IFR hoods are available anywhere?

Something like this?

I have the one you have and I like it. But that’s probably because the elastic is fine. It’s lightweight, and you don’t have to look through a scratched plastic surface like when you use foggles. And you can wear glasses with it, if you need them.

I prefer the superhood. Stick it on a hat and you’re good to go - blocks all of your peripheral and is more comfortable to wear as well.

That looks virtually like dad’s.

I don’t have one. It’s going to be quite some time before I can afford to start flying again, let alone begin IFR training. The one I used last Autumn was the instructor’s, and I assume it had been used for many, many hours. The elastic was shot.

I tend not to wear a hat while flying. I do sometimes, but usually I’ll just wear a bandana if it’s a hot day.

I’m guessing that since a lot of people don’t need the hood after getting their IFR ticket, except for recurrent training, the cheaper, simpler designs won out over the older style.