Jerry Brown v. G.H.W. Bush in general election: Chances?


Ok you are now Jerry Brown’s campaign manager and you pulled off an upset win late in the primary season against Bill Clinton.

Now your candidate is the nominee;

Chances against Daddy Bush? Will history be different and allow Bush to have a second term? Without Clinton, is the Dem Nominee doomed as eccentric Governor Moonbeam goes whack-a-roni (or is portrayed that way by the Press)?

Use the suede/denim secret police to kidnap Bush’s niece so that he’ll play ball.

I would say his chances would be lower than Clinton, but on the other hand nobody heard of Clinton before 1992.

As long as Perot still runs I’d say that just about any Dem had a good chance that election.


12 years of Pubbies may have been enough at that point. I voted for GHWB in that election, didn’t like Bubba, but I liked Brown then & might have voted for him.