Jerry Falwell Jr. watched his wife have sex with pool boy

I wonder what Jim Bakker think about this.

Seems an awful lot of these “religious” leaders lean to the pervy side.

See pit thread:

I think the bigger questions is do more of them lean that way than the general population or is it that if you or I were in a similar situation, the third person isn’t going to run to the media with it and no one outside our close family/friends is really going to care.

OTOH, sometimes I wonder if that is actually the case. They speak out against homosexuality or polygamy or anything other than ‘close your eyes and think of England’ style sex for procreative purposes only in an attempt to further suppress their own feelings. If you gain enough fame/popularity/money/power doing that, it’s going to be a much bigger deal when it turns out that you, yourself, participate in exactly what you were telling everyone else not to do.

The combination of being a celebrity in a position of power, and the attentions of celebrity-worshippers in the flock can lead to problems.

“It was a necessity to be near him, his physical body was so important to us all.”

—Anand Ma Sheela, Bhagvan Rajneesh’s personal secretary, speaking of her guru, Bhagvan Rajneesh/Osho