Jerry Lewis on Conan O'Brien

THAT was Jerry Lewis?!? :eek:

The skinny sidekick of Dean Martin, God, he let himself go!

Looks like a Jack-o-Lantern :frowning:

He has been taking steroids as part of his treatment for pulmonary fibrosis. The side effects include swelling and weight gain.

Besides, the “skinny sidekick” days were 50 years ago. I can think of plenty of reasons to slam on Lewis, but picking on him for the side effects of a treatment for an illness when he has no control over what it does to him is more than a little unfair.

Relax, widdershins. Maybe Enola Straight didn’t know he was sick.

Uh, yeah, I didn’t. :smack: :frowning:

I like what Dennis Miller asked about Jerry Lewis: “Why is it that I never find Jerry Lewis funny when he’s trying to be but when he’s trying to be serious I think he’s hysterical?”

I caught a biography of Jerry Lewis on TV last week. He was discussing all kinds of things, supposedly serious, but all I could do was shake my head. He sounded so full of himself, so self-important, so full of crap. I was especially struck by him saying he wants to be remembered as his daughter’s father. It might have been touching had it not completely ignored his 6 sons.

He came across to me as an ass. Then again, I didn’t particularly like his style - I’m not big on broad humor.

Butthead Lewis lives here in Las Vegas and I see he has decided to get on the band wagon and slam the Dixie Chicks.

The pompous ass has suddenly decided he is more 'merican than the rest of us and is taking his show on the road. Maybe it is all a trick to make the rednecks forget he is France’s Goldenboy.

Years ago, he was funny for any kid under the age of 7. After that he was, and is, an obnoxious has been. The only thing I will give him some credit for is raising the MS awareness factor, but even his Labor Day Bore-A-Thons have raised eyebrows in the past for mis-use of funds.

There’s one good thing, in my mind, about Jerry Lewis’ ego.

It saved us from around a dozen or so Jerry Lewis films.

Especially this one

I remember a GREAT comment Dennis Miller made on Saturday Night Live about 12 years ago concerning the re-unification of Germany:
“To me it is like re-uniting Martin & Lewis. I didn’t like what they did the last time they were together and I see no reason why they should get together now.”