jersey dresses

Where can i find authenitic jersey dresses (basketball or otherwise)?

Ever here of a search engine?

Don’t know ifthese are authentic, but here ya go.

this site claims there authentic (whatever that means).

It depends. What sort of dresses are you looking for? Are you going to be wearing the dress to a formal or semi-formal function? Also, depending on the event and time of year there are many factors to consider. Hemlines, for instance. In some cases it isn’t acceptable to wear anything above the ankle, while some occasions will allow anything up to five inches above the knee. There’s also the matter of colour. Some colours are virtually forbidden (white after Labourday) while others are strongly implied (black and dark after sunset). It might be a good idea to check a few fashion magazines to see what materials are “in” too. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a grand ball in yards of crinoline when it’s silk that’s de rigeur.

In any event, a quick Google search of New Jersey dress shops and bridal boutiques might do the trick.


i meant a dress made out of a jersey coffeeguy not a dress from new jersey

A dress made from a jersey? It seems to me that’d be awfully short, there’s not a lot of fabric in a jersey.


Awfully short dresses are the best sort! :smiley:

They got’em at Foot Locker, caramelcutie. Just go to the mall and hit all the athletic stores. Of course, the selection won’t be that great, so I hope you want Kobe or Iverson or whoever’s the local flavor.