Jesse the Governor Ventura ,911 and conspiracies [Conspiracy Theory show]

We’d definitely get a nice stew on.

It’s the chemtrails.

He does. He’s a first-class nutcake.

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I like Jesse, and I like conspiracy theories, but I don’t think he’s doing too great a job. Isn’t the HAARP thing something like 15 year old news? Also, he didn’t really even prove anything, or even anything more than we heard 15 years ago.
Not terrible, tho. I’ll keep watching it.

Not all (or many) theorists are nutcakes. I’ve read a good book which spoke of the killing of Malcolm X and James Earl Ray, and sometimes there really is a conspiracy.

He doesn’t need to. President Obama has spoken repeatedly about Weatherizing millions of American homes.

I for one welcome our new Predator Overlord.

And very nearly always the conspiracy is exposed. What there almost never is, is a top-secret government/corporate conspiracy for which no one ever finds solid evidence. And yes, many, almost certainly most conspiracy theorists are nutcakes.

He was also in Rocky, if you remember. He also knows how to get a stew going from leftovers and that refills at Burger King are totally free.

I suppose we all know that the Tuskeegee Experiment went on for over 40 years without coming out. That involved a lot of people and yet nobody blabbed.
The Gulf of Tonken lies lasted for decades.
The fact that we were involved in assassinating leaders of foreign lands is not acknowledged by many.
There is plenty of precedent that our country lies and covers up. So to say that it is impossible to pull one off is wrong.

Actually, as far as I can tell, the Tuskeegee Experiment had publications in '29, '34, and '36, to start with. It’s just that nobody cared.

No doubt Jesse will get around to exposing the H1N1 conspiracy soon.

Could it be part of a genetically-engineered CIA-sponsored mind control agenda? No one has yet proved that it isn’t so.

I thought it was funny as hell him saying that if they’re not allowing a former Navy Seal on the base, it’s because they have something to hide, insinuating that he has life-long open access to any US Military base on the planet any time he wants it.

Like Gorilla Monsoon used to say about him, Jesse would break his own arm to pat himself on the back.

Actually, from what I have read, he was never actually on a SEAL team. He went through BUD/S but was assigned to a UDT rather than a SEAL team. Not that I don’t respect the hell out of someone who can complete BUD/S—I’d rather be in combat than go through that shit—but he’s kind of milking that to another level by making it sound as if he were on the SEAL teams.

There are a number of cast members from Predator who have never gone on to govern a state … conspiracy, or not?

Truth. He was a Frogman, NOT a Seal.

But Jesse was never one for truth when stretching it would make himself sound more badass.

I love conspiracies. I am neutral about whether they are true or not. But I enjoy the speculation. Official explanations are always too quick and leave too many probabilities not dealt with. That is enough room for someone to crank out a theory or 4. But the program is not about whether Jesse was a seal or a boyscout.
Jesse was plenty badass enough. A huge steroid eating weight lifting pro wrestler ,he was bad.

To sum up, then:
[li]“Crash experts” say it is impossible to not find flight recorders[/li][li]“The Government” says they were not recovered[/li][li]“Witnesses” say they saw the flight recorders recovered[/li][/ol]
The truth value of statements 1, 2, and 3 really have no bearing the facts of the matter regarding the planes, buildings, manner of collapse, or parties responsible.

So, nothing new or particularly interesting other than a new nutjob promoting the same garbage we’ve seen 80 billion times before.

When come back, bring substance.

I’m hoping for the Princess Diana one. Why were all the cameras in or near the tunnel not working at that time? and so on.

Of course they do matter. They will tell when they cockpits were taken over . They will hear the orders they were giving. They could be relevant. They might not. The reason it helps the conspiracy is that it is very convenient for the government .it helps the conspiracy because they can not kill the speculation.