Jesse the Governor Ventura ,911 and conspiracies [Conspiracy Theory show] This is show no. 2 on 911. Just when you thought it was safe, we get pulled back in there. His show will cover a conspiracy a week . They have done a pretty good job of feeding the conspiracies. The 911 link here is for the whole show. It will be big fun because all the conspiracies are true. He is finally giving us the unslanted truths.
I can not wait for the Kennedy assassination show. There has to be one.

Is there anything particularly novel about this, aside from Ventura’s involvement? I tire of responding to the same arguments over and over.

I was once (jokingly) punched by Jessie the body Ventura. Back in '91 or '92 I was doing airport security at a small airport in Sidney BC and all the wrestlers came through wearing their green and purple spandex. I was a 5’3 very girly girl and these guys were enormous! To get through the metal detector they all had to turn sideways and sort of squat.

I was standing there, jaw hanging down, looking way up at these huge men and he laughed at me and said “hey kid” then punched me in my shoulder. He barely touched me but I almost fell over.

What’s the debate?

Should Carl Weathers, the black guy from Predator, seek political office?

Yes there does seem to be. There are points made about the flight recorders, which can be recovered from the bottom of the ocean but did not show up in the Trade Centers. Crash experts say that was impossible. They would find them. Then witnesses say they saw them be recovered. He does a pretty good job.

So far he’s blown the lid off government’s climate-manipulating HAARP project in Gakona, Alaska, and shocking evidence showing that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were an inside job. I haven’t seen an episode guide, yet, but I fully expect him to track down the gunman on the grassy knoll at some point. Anyway. . .

Not really looking to discuss the series (but I won’t argue with a free bump), but–if you’ve been watching this–have you noticed that Jesse has some odd, almost spastic, little head shakes? Maybe it’s just me.

What does that have to do with a burning skyscraper? They recover old wooden boats from the ocean bottom as well but I wouldn’t expect to find an old Greek Trireme in a flaming building.

Maybe he doesn’t agree with the crap spewing from his mouth.

Wait, if Weathers is the black guy from Predator what’s Bill Duke, the really, really black guy from Predator? :eek:

CMC fnord!

Should he be an actor or a doctor?

Heh! One of his “elite investigators” is June Sarpong(the black English girl). She’s a ex-MTV and teens show presenter in the UK. Must be trying to break into the US tv scene.

Is the OP for or against the 9/11 CT? I can’t make heads or tails of what the hell he’s trying to say there. Anyone want to take a shot at translating it into English?


Who’s more badass - Carl or Bill Duke?

Wow, the comments on that rawstory link are distressing. I had the impression that the only people still clinging to 9/11 conspiracy theories were the schizo guys who live at the bus station. I never knew there could be so many with an Internet connection.

Yes, I wonder how that happens. Seriously though, gonzomax, is there a topic you would like to discuss? If not, this is the wrong forum for this post.

I can find you a witness that will swear they saw a giant fist with a flaming sword take down the buildings.

Hell yes! The man knows every trick on the planet when it comes to saving money.


First, before he becomes president, there are some people who want Action Jackson to become the mayor of New Orleans.

I’m not sure either what the debate is, other than just how big an ass Jesse Ventura and TruTV are going to make of themselves before this debacle is over.