Jesus Christ Superstar

Ah boo, how was he?

He hasn’t made an appearance yet (I don’t think).

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed him.

I figure that even if the rest of the cast isn’t up to par, it’ll be worth it to see Alice Cooper as Herod.

And John Legend falls short once again…

I’m enjoying it but the male leads really need to uncork.

Oh awesome.

Guess I need to bone up on my Bible since I assumed he would be there near the beginning

It’s like he’s concentrating so much on his singing that he forgets he has to act too

Jesus, that was god awful

Herod and Jesus don’t meet until after Jesus’ arrest, which is part way through the second act (that part will come up after this commercial break - I expect Herod will be after the next one).

That was one of the worst renditions of Gethsemane I’ve ever heard. He totally bombed on all the high notes.

It just started here and I’m really enjoying it. I must have listened to the original album a million times in the 1970’s, but now I’m realizing that it must have been 40 years since I’ve heard it. It’s all extremely nostalgic for me.

John Legend is okay, but it doesn’t help that Jesus appears to be wearing pajamas and a bathrobe. Also, he’s physically dwarfed by Judas.

I agree with Sir T-Cups that it’s good for the production to look like a filmed Broadway play. It’s probably best for it to look as artificial and over-the-top as possible. After all, a rock opera about the last days of Jesus Christ is kind of a ridiculous idea to begin with.

My only real complaint so far is that the crowd noise overcomes the music and singing some of the time.

Wrong Herod. This isn’t the man around at the Nativity, but his son, who figures towards the end of the Passion Play. Pilate tried to fob the responsibility off on Herod, since Jesus was a Jew and a Galilean, and Herod tried to get some miracles out of Him, but He wasn’t even dignifying the twit with an answer, so Herod sent Him back to Pilate.

Anyway, most of the cast is pretty strong, but I agree that Legend’s concentrating too much on singing and not enough on acting. (I don’t know why they had him holding the wine bottle during “Gethsemane”…made it look as if Jesus was drunkenly ranting rather than struggling with His destiny.) But that post-betrayal embrace between Him and Judas was effective.

I’m female so most of the roles are closed to me. But if I had the choice I’d like to do either Herod or Caiaphas.

My sister had this album in the 70’s and my dad hated it. I kind of think that’s why she liked it. I was okay with it then, thought the music was good.

But all these years later, having had more life experience, I really love it.

And…here we go!

I’m generally liking this, despite the rock concert atmosphere of the audience.


Alice was AWESOME as Herod!

Alice Cooper never disappoints

John Legend can’t even act well while kneeling and watching Alice.Alice was awesome

the rock concert atmosphere is exactly on point.

My grade and high school teachers would be so disappointed in me! I thought I knew the story better than I do apparently. So thank you for that, you’ve helped jog my memory.

Also, glad I was able to see Alice! He was perfect for his role and you could tell they gave him the Chris Walken Memorial Easy Role in the Live Musical, but he actually CAN sing (unlike Walken) so it worked perfectly