Jesus Christ Superstar

Anyone watching?

I love the set. I am very impressed

John Legend is stinking up the joint. Whoever is playing Judas is killing it.

It is a very inventive production. Caiaphas the Klingon was really good

I don’t think i have ever heard anything by John Legend

He is a little on the “white bread” side, isn’t he? He has a nice enough voice, but there’s no one home in soulville.

I’m enjoying it so far.

That is a great description .

I didn’t know Norm Lewis was in this! Love him!

I stole the line from Nipsy Russell as the Tin Man in “The Wiz”

I just turned it on and it looks awesome to me so far. Loving this

Recording it, looking forward to it, as I love the music, hoping its a good production.

Mary Magdalene has a lovely voice.

Not sure if Legend is a poor actor, or if it’s on the director, but the bits where he should be emoting strongly - upbraiding Judas in Strange Thing Mystifying, driving the money changers out of the temple, trying to escape the people coming for healing - are all so understated. His complete lack of reaction to ‘won’t you die for me’ is almost certainly a deliberate choice, and it’s really weird, though I do like his bathing in the adulation up to that point.

I wish someone stepped up to present this “commercial free” like all (most of?) the other live musical events. The sets and costumes aren’t even complicated or changing much (although I’m digging them).

You can tell the other actors have had extensive experience in musical theater. John Legend is a great singer and composer, but he can’t match his stage mates in the acting or stage presence department. Oh well. We can’t be good at everything.

The more I watch this the more I’m LOVING the presentation. The fact that they’re making this as close to a Broadway show as possible and not pretending it’s a movie or TV show like the others do makes it more real to me versus it being a…flourishes hand… production

ETA: I kinda-sorta just came in…did I miss Alice Cooper? Who was he?

Brandon Victor Dixon would have been a great Jesus. John Legend is way too wimpy. His screaming at the temple was pathetic. I really hope he doesn’t screw up Gethsemane, I love that song.

King Herod.

I am really looking forward to Alice Cooper as Herod