Jesus Holy Christ in Heaven the Washington Nationals Suck Balls.

Please inflict a minor earthquake directly under Nats Stadium and swallow this franchise up so MLB doesn’t have to deal with this turd any more. These guys suck balls. Huge balls. Dirty Balls.

Here are some highlights from todays game:

Nats had more people hit by pitches (3) than hits (2)

Nats had 9 walks. 9.

Nats stranded 12, I repeat, TWELVE, runners on base.

Nats had ZERO earned runs. ZERO. The only run was unearned due to a walk with the bases loaded.

Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by one, Nats strike out in typical fashion.

Score: Giants 2 Nats 1

What a shitty team. I mean, these guys are TRULY shitty. They may not have the absolute worst record in baseball but they always lose big and play like they just don’t give a shit.

Time to contract this league and drop some these shitty teams (maybe start with the Cubs :wink: )

As an aside I heard that the Nats are one of the most profitable teams because they spend pennies on payroll.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe Sanchez’s complete breakdown in the second (not to mention the four first-inning walks), and I was more incredulous that the Nats only got one run out of it. That’s what Sanchez does though - us Giants fans are used to it.

ETA : Give him some credit, though… he didn’t walk in a run, that was the Nats’ pitcher…


Anyone can have a bad game. For day-in and day-out suckitude–and on a high payroll!–you need the White Sox.


I’d take a crappy major league team in Montreal any day of the week! Bring 'em back.

When do you get Strasburg back?

Next season.

Most of your complaints are valid, but what’s wrong with reaching base 12 times by means other than a hit? Getting only 2 hits in a game is bad - getting 9 walks and 3 HBP is not.

The point is that they hit like complete shit and were still gifted 12 baserunners who were left stranded. These guys suck so bad. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s like the movie Major League where the team expects to be shit for some secret reason.

They are still better than the Mets, the other team suffering the effects from having Omar Minaya as a GM. But why did they give Jayson Werth that contract?