Jesus, Larry! Curb Your Enthusiasm 10/25/09

A pretty good episode with the Sein. We’ve gravitated back to the series this season, after a hiatus of a couple of seasons. I can sympathize with his aversion to women showing excess belly, especially at work. Spoiler follows:

Pissing on the picture of Jesus? Is he deliberately trying to annoy the religious entities? He’s going to get serious hate mail on that one. I thought it was amusing, but HBO must be barring the doors.

This episode had loads of funny parts but still isn’t up to the usual standard. I most enjoyed Larry and Jerry just having their banter. The muffin top girl was kind of ridiculous, and the flashback scene, while funny, seemed to slap the viewer in the face: OMG THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO LARRY AS TO THE LADY’S DEAD HUSBAND YEARS AGO!!! It didn’t have to be so literal, I thought.

Larry hanging on the daughter’s flab was pretty ridiculous. Like Chefguy, it seems like LD was trying to be purposefully offensive. As with all Seinfeld episodes, I kept thinking: Why doesn’t LD just sit on the toilet? And how can I make sure I avoid his affliction?

Nothing will top Wheelchair Wendy, but this one wasn’t bad. The only problem was that most of the jokes were predictable. You could see the murder flashback reenactment coming from a mile away.

Larry wasn’t a huge dick this week, so it was better in that regard. But I found the “muffintop” theme kind of ridiculous. Presumably she worked for them and it really isn’t that hard to tell her what is expected of her to wear. Plus, would someone really wear that ALL THE TIME? It seemed to be very forced comedy.

Also, does anyone wonder why anyone stays friends with Larry? I mean Richard Lewis buys him an autographed bat for what reason? Because he really likes him?

I can’t think of a single person on this show that I would want to be friends with. Maybe Steenburgen. They’re all assholes, part and parcel.


Too bitchy.

I would totally be friends with Wanda. And Leon.

Speaking of Leon:

I also just liked the David-Seinfeld banter. Apart from that the contrivances were too large and numerous for me to deal with.

A boss gets in trouble for politely (more or less) requesting an employee to dress tastefully at the office? And that was just the start.

One thing I always thought was unique about this show is even though Larry gave Richard his kidney (and nearly died in the process), Richard still acts pissy with him all of the time. The autographed bat gesture was a rare exception.

Larry randomly decides to pee on the side of a building, giving the girl an excuse to realize Jesus’ tear was actually pee, giving the mom an excuse to wander up to the roof to commit suicide, giving Larry a chance to follow her, so that they can somehow end the show with him hanging off the girl’s belly flab. It was way too contrived.

IMO, this season has definitely not been up to par, but I don’t think the blame is on contrivance, which has been a staple of CYE from the start; as have Larry acting like an asshole and everybody overreacting to everything.

Something just feels different about the tone of the show and/or the way it all falls together. I dunno, I’m having a hard time articulating what I mean. Just goes to show how elusive good comedy is, I guess.

I think that he’s disgusting. I bet you he would never do an episode like that about Muslims, or pissing on Allah or the Koran. Why is it Christians are fair game?

I bet you if we lived in a country that was overwhelmingly Muslim, he most certainly would do an episode like that. But I think the “poor, persecuted Christians” threads are usually in GD or The Pit, so I’ll not remark further.

Because the worst Christians do is get whiny and “demand” an apology. Muslims, on the other hand, take blasphemy a little more serious…

I think the simple answer is that

  1. Christians are still the majority religion in this country, so the majority is always supposed to take politically incorrect attacks with a grain of salt. You can bet that if Larry did his pissing on the major religious symbol of any other religion, HBO probably wouldn’t have aired it. Hell, I remember when Passion of the Christ came out… Jews interviewed after seeing it called it anti-semetic. What? That’s the story, as I understand it. If you believe in Jesus and the story of the NT, then it was jews who killed him. How is that anti-semetic? Was Mel Gibson supposed to make it some other group of people responsible for killing Jesus because he wouldn’t want to offend jews? (he did a good enough job of that in his drunken rant)

  2. David seems to get a pass because he doesn’t really show jews in a complimentary fashion. The show is packed with jews, and he takes pot shots at them, too. I remember a show a few years ago about someone calling him a self-loathing jew because he was whistling Wagner (I think)? Anyway, end of the show has him directing an orchestra on the angry jew’s lawn playing Wagner. That show made me laugh out loud.

Cheryl is a Christian on the series, so a lot of the christian bashing fed off of her.

Richard Lewis should suck Larry’s dick. That no-talent asshat would be eating dogfood if it weren’t for CYE and Larry David.

Suzie is my favorite character. I love the way she goes into those vulgarity-spewing verbal attacks at Larry and Jeff (the fat fuck!).

I’m curious as to how this Seinfeld reunion will turn out, but so far, this season has been a little off of the standard.

The one thing in this episode that really felt contrived was the officer pulling Larry over for taking extra napkins. Would the police even bother to do anything about it? No, they’d be more like, “Don’t waste our time. The amount of money the guy paid for his food is more than enough to offset the cost of the napkins. Write it off as the cost of doing business.”

The episode didn’t mock Christianity. It wasn’t like he pissed on the painting on purpose. If anything, the episode just mocked the kind of morons who think they see Jesus and Mary in every piece of fruit or piss stain on an underpass.

I think the show is suffering for not having Cheryl’s character there as the voice of reason.

Considering he would be dead the minute it was aired, I think not.