Jesus- they jsut shot a guy to shit in front of my place

I’m getting ready for work, feeding and watering the cats and dogs, starting the car to warm up.
There’s all these sirens, I don’t pay attention. I live in an area called 4 corners, it’s basically just a junction the roads of which serve to provide access to a large rural area, so although we are outside the city proper, there is still a large population served by this junction, and sirens are more commonplace here than anywhere else I’ve lived in this state. This junction is kind of like a bottle neck for sirens and other traffic.
I live in a small trailer court right on one of the corners.
So, I’m doing my stuff, absent-mindedly noting the sirens, dogs are starting their gulpy, throwing-up type howling in response to the sirens, I’m fixin to tell them to knock it off, and all of a sudden POP POP POP POP POP POP POP.
We all get quiet.
It takes me a few milliseconds to figure out what I’ve just heard- I’vde been through some shit, but not this specific kind of thing- this ain’t a big city…
I instantly get this really fucking creepy feeling, like I did whenever I first saw the movie footage of that guy in the school tower way back a long time ago- his name escapes me now.
I go out, this is right across the street from my house- and yeah, he’s down, cops everywhere, and by the time I’m leaving for work, mass traffic is being re-routed through my little trailer court.
Well, on the way into town, the ambulance passes going out there, but I know it’s wasted effort- this guy was shot to pieces, he’s dead.
Little while ago, I had that guess confirmed- my boss is a ham, so I borrowed his hand-held unit for a while to listen in on what I could. I heard them say they were sending (some id number) for the bullet recovery, so since it’s some member of the police department doing this instead of a doctor, I reckon he’s dead.
I still feel kind of goopy`but not too much.

not related to the op, but this is my thread, so what the hell-
anybody else see those two little extraneous dots up there in the last sentence between goopy and but?
They’re not part of any letter, nor are they any kind of punctuation mark. I thought it must be dust on my screen, till they moved with the sentence as I scrolled, and then transferred to the post!
What the hell is that?

Ouch. I remember the first time I heard gunshots and recognized them for what they were, in one of the less savory parts of Albuquerque. It stays with you.

And just a few years ago I got to watch a guy get shot during a bust of a crack house across the street from me. That was in nice, safe, crime-free Salt Lake. That one was only two shots fired–one warning and one to the perp, which took him down but didn’t kill him.

IOW, yeeesh. I feel for you.

Geez, Inor, I’m glad you’re ok.

And on that last sentence, I see a sort of reverse apostrophe ’ not two dots. My guess is that it was some sort of control code (did you write the original message in Word or WordPerfect) that UUB couldn’t cope with.

Take care of yourself! A couple of shots are always good to help steady your nerves. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m glad you are safe.

Do me favor?

Will you wait 5 minutes before you go walking around next time? I would hate to see you win a Darwin Award.:slight_smile:

I kind of like your posts, regardless of what everbody else says:)



I’m so glad you’re okay!


Shit, inor, I’m glad you are okay. Maybe you’ll be on the 6 O’clock news.

A couple months ago I heard shots outside my house in the middle of the night. Never found out what the deal was - Chicago newspapers seem to have those very fun-to-read neighborhood crime reports like the Washington Post’s Metro section.

The year I lived on the Hill in D.C., my parents visited me. Mom went to get bagels at the bagel shop on the corner around 6:30 in the a.m. She heard “Pop! Pop! Pop!” and then saw some guy run out of a house and down the street carrying a gun in his hand (fortunately in the opposite direction from my poor bagel-buying mom) and then the cops came. Normally my parents are the CEO and Vice President of Worry, Incorporated but they were pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

Then I moved to Mt. Pleasant - I used to hear stuff all the time from the direction of Columbia Heights. Anyone been to the Columbia Heights Metro station (my old stop on the green line)? It’s the nicest Metro station set on the scariest looking block in the world - empty parking lots, a boarded up post office, and a trailer where they do needle exchanges and AIDs testing for homeless men.

I never gave it a thought- I reckon I should have though- I do look kinda threatening in a kind of bag person/hells angels kind of way.
This is a (very nice) suprise though- thank you very much!
ay- you’re right Free- I’m workin on a SMOOCH post for relic, and in it I clearly illustrate that I need some kinda gaurdian.
I’ll try harder. :wink:
(ftr, I’ve actually been in a gunfight, and been shot at on another occasion- this was worse- maybe because I wasn’t so involved and more could sink in…I dunno)

Thanks you guys- Fenris, I wrote it in the standard ‘post thread/reply’ window that comes up, and I didn’t insert any punctuation or other control code there- that’s what’s got me so wondering about it. I could see it’s a bad card or someting on my end, but then when it transferred, that’s wierd…
You able to find fup yet?
relic- SMOOOOOOOOOCHHHH! oh yeah, smoochin on the relic again…:wink: How you feelin Babe?

I’m fine inor. All better physicaly, still a bit off balance emotionaly, but then again, I always was…

I get a smooch post? :eek::o:):wink:

SMOOCH again!

Did you actually see the guy bleeding? Or you just saw a lump in the street with cops around.

By the way ```````````````````````````` it’s next to the 1. (Same key as the tilde ~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

K, got it- thanks c. that was freakin me out some...

yeah, saw a lump on the ground with cops bouncing everywhere, and yeah, it was bleeding pretty hard- they kept poking it, like it was a dead bird and they were kids or something. I remember that I got that impression...

Andros, Magdelene? Thanks for your comments- I jsut figured every one would go " oh gross" or something like that ro start a fight on cops. Didn't even think about what I got from you guys instead- it was nice...

Naw, I won't make the news- I always stay away from cams if I can, but got out before anyone showed up in any case.

A? what's IWO mean?
r- yah, I promised you a snowshoe post, 'member? ;)

:Happy, bouncy, bouncy, happy!:

inor - Glad you’re okay. You get a lot of shit from some people, but I like you. Please try and avoid bullet holes in the future… :slight_smile:

(little bit floored here- Satan spoke to me?!;))

jsut a little update- (c_goat? I’m kinda wierdin out on your post up there- been thinking about it at odd times during the day, you don’t, by chance, go by the nickname ‘Hanny’, do you? If you start askin for details, I’m tracin your ISP and callin the cops ;))

Anyways, I get home from work- the highway is still roped off, lotsa cops, the guys rig is still how it was this morning, and off to the side of the space where the body was are boxes and boxes of what looks like cleaning materials- mops, brooms, road brooms, fluids, etc.

I don’t watch tv, and ain’t been listening to the radio, but I reckon it’ll be in tomorrows paper.

Christ, I got all maudlin today, in a couple different threads in a couple different fora. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

On an up note, me and my boss got the rings built for the ashiko drum I bought from a co-worker! so that’s cool, and hopefully material for a mpsims thread…

Thanks again you guys- Your posts really made me feel good. Don’t know any of yez, but I know parts of you through your posts, have gradually grown varying levels of respect for you all, (plus the odd wonderment at your now and again lunacy…) and this is way better than if somerandomone had said what you guys did…

[sub]Disclaimer- The above statement in no way precludes the possibility of grand flame wars with any of you. :wink: