Jesus Visits Florida Hospital

For reals this time!

Made me feel good.

I’m picturing a bishop heading over to check it out only to see Julio the janitor walking away and drying off the squeegee.

Windex is the devil in liquid form.

Why is it that every ghostly image of a bearded man is assumed to be Jesus? For all we know, that could be some dude named Larry.

Looks more like Che Guevara to me.

Holy Che! :eek:

Dude, it has to be Jesus. Google Ads would never try to trick me like that.

ETA: now the Google Ads think that is the image of spyware in the window. Hmmm.

[Dane Cook] Almost like when you use Windex and you put it on mist mode, you know mist mode? As opposed to- what is that other mode? Laser mode? Does anybody even USE that? Is that in case you wanna mount a sniper scope on your Windex? “I gotta stand about 8 clicks. I am taking the shot. tsss… Negative. I missed. I missed the target. I need one more. tsssk… Got it. Let’s go home, boys.” I’m gonna tell you right now, please. When you use the Windex bottle, NEVER put that shit half way. Always make sure it’s lined up. There’s no joke here. Don’t do that. Bad things happen to good people. I know somebody here’s gonna go home tonight and go, “Hold on, I gotta try this shit, hold on a second. What happens if you don’t line it up, I just wanna see. Hold on. phhht…” What if when you did that, a fuckin ghost came out of it? “Ahahaha!! Ahhhaahahaha!! He told you not to!!! AHahahaa…!!! I am Windextor! I will clean your soul!!! Ahhhahaha!!” [/Dane Cook]

linky :slight_smile:

It’s bad enough that so many morons believe this is an image of Jesus, but the fact that news outlets actually see the need to cover it is really fucking pathetic.

Well, the Pope is here this week; makes sense that the boss might want to stop by and see how he’s doing.

Check the emergency room. Jesus is probably in there. In several incarnations.