Jesus vs. Satan

aka, some may not believe but i thought you might find this interesting, part II

Don’t worry, folks - just feeling a little silly after the hiatus :slight_smile:

Lol! That was funny.


Jesus must’ve come away with one hell of a lopsided chart.

And to think I thought I was being invoked for something a bit more… Important…

Yer pal,


Jesus may save
and Allah may invest

… but only Buddha pays dividends

reminds of a bumper sticker I once saw . . .

Jesus Saves.
Gretzsky steals !



Jesus could in fact have a perfecly legitimate geneaology report by way of maternal descent. What I’m trying to figure is how could Satan do a genealogy if he has not, as yet, been incarnate. (Sorry, Brian, I don’t think you’re really the Evil One.)

Ok, now that I’ve written this post, I’m going to go back to giggling hysterically.

The trouble with Sir Launcelot is by the time he comes riding up, you’ve already married King Arthur.

Yeah, agisofia, His maternal side would be fine…but his paternal side would look a little stubby in comparison, no?

Jesus Saves,
Takes Half Damage.

My only complaint is always having to wait for someone to come in the room and turn the set on.