Jewelry & Accessory Swap - who's in?

Ok, I’m really keep about this so I just thought I would give it a little bump back onto the front pages.


Of course that should say “Keen” about this.

Preview is your friend.

So, whose going to organize this thing? :wink:

If any boys are interested, I have a fine collection of cufflinks and hippy necklaces. All very manly of course.

Ummmm. Football . . . hockey. . . racing cars . . other man stuff.

I want in! Sounds so fun!

Man, I’m glad this thread surfaced again. I almost forgot about doing inventory. Okay, here’s what I got.


  • 1 pr. brass 1" rectangular, neo-Celtic design, french wires.

  • 1 pr. 1" sterling hoops, rope border, post backs, need polishing.

  • 1 pr. 3/4" brass sitting cat design, very shiny and lightweight, french wires.

  • 1 pr. silvertone base metal and cz, approx. 3/4 “carat”, french wire hook backs.

  • 1 pr. 1/4" sterling and undetermined teardrop stone, french wires.

  • 1 pr. sterling and 1/4 carat amethyst, bezel-set in “vintage-style” design, french wires.
    Single earrings

  • 1, 1.5" goldtone base metal enameled, mask design, multicolored, french wire.

  • 1, 3/4" silvertone/pewter base metal scary skull with small hematite drop, french wire.

  • 1, 3mm cultured pearl, sterling french wire.

  • 1, 1.5" sterling and marcasite exotic snake, french wire, needs polishing.

  • 1, 10k yellow gold and diamond cocktail ring, size 7, approx. 1/3 total carat diamond weight (I think). Diamonds are small baguettes.

  • 1, 14k yellow gold, size 6, set with small peridot. Setting is unusual; pointy on either end to resemble a diamond shape.

  • 1, sterling band, size 7.5, with raised fleur-de-lis design and “antiqued” finish.

  • 1 vermeil multi-stone “tennis” bracelet, will fit up to size 7" wrist. Stones on bracelet: citrine, peridot, garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, alternated with stylized links.

  • 1 sterling heart link bracelet, will fit up to 7" wrist. Hearts are small and very sweet.

  • 1 Liz Claiborne silvertone base metal necklace, adjustable to 18". “Woven” chain and small silver and black enamel slide.

  • 1 double-strand freshwater pearl and undetermined multi-bead necklace, approx. 16", gold base metal lobster clasp. Pearls are interspersed with gray and yellow beads toward the front of the necklace. These beads could be glass; I don’t know.


  • 1, 1.5" diameter round sterling brooch, inlaid with abalone and some kind of black stuff. Could be onyx or black enamel; I’m not sure. Inlay forms an intricate eight-pointed star pattern. Brooch also has pendant loop on the back.

Okay, that’s the jewelry. I need to check accessories and I’ll get back to you guys!!

Well this sounds like something I’m totally into - but were you planning on swapping it? - I can certainly look for something I could send in exchange, but I wasn’t sure if you were just telling us what you have.

Al. :slight_smile:

(Who has lots of neat stuff - accessories, jewlrey, bags, scarfs, belts, etc. etc.)

alice, that’s cool! If you’d like it, it’s yours. No need to swap. I’m actually trying to CLEAN OUT my closets and dresser drawers and stuff. I feel like I live in a damn junk shop; so yeah, I listed the stuff as basically up for grabs.

So, if people want any items I’ve listed, let me know, let me know where to send them, and I’ll be delighted to oblige! I’ll keep a running list until the swap is officially over, and then I’ll package and mail the stuff all at once, so I won’t have to make numerous runs to the post office.


Put me down for the bracelet, and I’ll start doing an invintory here…

sounds good to me. I’ll take it.

Though I’d still prefer to do this “blind”, as it were, so I’ll hold off on an inventory until we figure that one out. :slight_smile:

May I put in a vote for these? I can email you with my contact info etc. if so. Can swap or not as you wish, though my stuff’s not very good I think.

I am still voting for random…but on the third hand, I now wonder if I actually have all that much stuff to send off; I shall have to investigate.

Well, count this as a Bump! in any case.

Oh, Creaky, I am a total marcasite whore!:o If no one else has dibs on this, I’ll gladly send you my info for it!:smiley:
By the way, is it okay to put your own handmade jewelry into the white elephant? I’ve recently gotten into making my own beads, and I’ve got lots of old jewelry I’ve modified with my own beads, as well as experiments with wire. Honest, they’re good quality!
Count me in!

Gah, organization…my weakness.

Okay. The way I see it, we can do this one of two ways:

  1. We can each list an inventory, and folks can pick and choose from lists.

  2. We can each get together items in groups worth approximately $10, and then post the number of groups up for swappage, perhaps breaking it down further by type (2 jewelry lots, 3 accessory lots, etc). Then, I’ll gather names and match 'em up at random, and email out the information.

singular, I think handmade jewelry would be fine.


Gundy, please forgive me if I jumped the gun. I tend to be a bit obssessive about doing stuff once I want to do it. I’ll go along with whatever the rest of the Dopers involved in the Swap would like to do regarding organization and distribution, and I await further instruction.

However, I would like to honor ** alice’s**, iconoplast’s, Nenya Elizabeth’s, and singular 1’s requests for items they’ve already asked for. :slight_smile: (Ladies, I made a list and your requests have been noted!)

I’d like to participate! I also make jewelry, so the stuff I would trade would probably be something I made.


No apologies necessary, Creaky. Especially because there haven’t been any rules set yet.

Abe Babe, I hope boys are interested. This tweed cap I have is snappy, but big - boy-sized is my guess. Unless there are a lotta big-headed girls out there. Why didn’t Queen or Spinal Tap write a song about them? Huh?

I have a huge head…

Wait, that’s not right.

My hat size is large. (Ah, so much better. :))

My vote is still for #2 (but now it’s official-like with a number!) whether or not I get the shiny from Creaky. And I also agree that handmade stuff is good.

Okay kiddies - resurrecting this thread so that all can participate.

Votes? Suggestions?

I’m still in!
I don’t know how swaps are organized, but you may want to ask CrankyasanOldMan, since she did such a great job on the Book Swap.
You might want to have participants give their sizes (like wrist and neck as well as ring)-a lot of jewelry isn’t made with larger ladies in mind. It would be especially valuable info if the stuff is hand-made.

i like the idea of white elephant style.
what you get is a surprise.

otherwise it seemslike it will be a nightmare to organize and keep track of.