Jewelry & Accessory Swap - who's in?

At the recent ChiDope, Zyada mentioned that she thought the board could use a white-elephant-type jewelry swap. Great idea, says me. I was cleaning off my dresser last night and ran across a couple of things that I think would be perfect for something like this - f’rinstance, a silver and garnet cabochon ring that is too large for my ring finger, but too small for the rest of my fingers. Worth maybe $10, so it’s not really worth jumping through hoops to sell, but I’d like for it to find a good home. Same for a spiffy tweed cap I picked up a while back - too big for my little pinhead, so it just sits there, sad and unworn.

So, I suggest that participants describe items up for consideration, and any willing barterers can figure it out from there. Other than that I can’t come up with a viable way to do it, as there are size and allergy considerations when it comes to jewelry, so it can’t really be random/surprise drawing. Plan improvements are warmly welcomed.

Cool. I’m in. I need to take inventory and see what I got. I’ll post a list later on, probably tomorrow. You guys, this is a great idea!

i’m in.

I am SO in, but only if it is white elephant quality jewelry.

eh, I say send it out random… it will be much to hard to sort out via sizes, etc.

its all in fun right?

Well, I’m another vote for random - after all, half of the fun of these things has been getting a box of totally unexpected stuff, eh?

People who have constraints like allergies can post em, and their white elephant partner will know not to send certain things.

And if you get something that doesn’t work for you, well, we’ll just do another one some day!!

I am so in on this!

Sounds like fun, count me in!

Will give you all a run down after I take inventory this weekend :slight_smile:

Woo! thought this was gonna sink like a stone. Guess it helps to name-drop, right Zyada?

If no one objects to random, then random it is!

What? I’m a name? :cool:

Depends when we do it. I’m just about to embark on finals, and I won’t be even thinking about finding and sending anything for a couple more weeks. If you don’t mind the delay, then I’m in.

Mine would probably be all earrings for pierced ears. I used to collect earrings, but stopped wearing a lot of it a few years ago.

If anyone has any old costume jewelry they would like to send my way feel free!!!

I use old jewelry to make pictures and it takes forever and a day to get enough together to make anything.

I mainly use only rhinestone/sparkly jewelry.
Usually find most of the jewelry at The Goodwill and Salvation Army but they havent had anything sparkly in months… and I’ve run dry…

Hey - I might have something for you, but 1) it needs to be cleaned, 2) it’s marcasite, not rhinestone, but it’s sparkly, and 3) a couple of the marcasite sparklies are missing from one side. It’s a teardrop shaped pendant. I wouldn’t swap it out because it’s a little damaged but I would happily give it away. If you’re interested, let me know.

What would qualify as white elephant? I mean, the ring I mentioned is worth maybe $10, and that’s my upper limit. Too high?

Count me in too :slight_smile:

And Gundy - $10 sounds like a perfect limit.

I’m in…but give me a week to finish Finals Week The Great and Terrible.

Yet another vote for random. Haven’t ever done a White Elephant before, so I’m spoiling for one! :smiley:

I’m in.

I kinda have a little habit and I’m running out of places to keep this stuff.

What about things like scarfs? Ok, or is it just gonna be jewlrey?

I’m thinking scarves would be in…hats, too.

I would love to get in on a jewlery swap. I make jewlery myself and even stuff that is a little bit broken is great for me. I can fix it right up. Whomever has the luck of getting me as their partner has some good luck on getting something neat!

<raising hand>

Me, too, please!

I second the 10 limit sounding good.

I was afraid that my Baubbles would be too cheap, but they sound like they may get a good home and a new life as an art project.

This sounds like it could be fun!

Thanks for your offer Gundy!

AquaPura, Have you checked EBAY for jewelry repair supplies,
they have lots of bulk loose stones and such.