Jewish citizens of Palestine

Palestinian Prime Minister assures that Jews in a future Palestinan state will be fully equal citizens.

While I’d also like to see assurances regarding their security from hate attacks, I see this as a strong positive move that offers an alternative to removing settlers by force.

Put it together with Netanyahu’s first explicit endorsement of a two-state solution and one might almost start to get a bit optimistic!

Oh, no doubt about it. The positions are still far away from each other as Netanyahu’s expressed vision of what a Palestinian state might look like and what PA representatives say they’d accept are still far off, but hey, that’s what negotiations are for.

Well, we should remember the the Palestinian Prime Minister doesn’t really set policy and that the executive authority is vested in the President. Still… if true it is, at least, one hurdle (potentially) out of the way when dealing with the towns/villages/cities/what-have-you outside of the Green Line.

As for optimism, I’d have to start drinking, soon (and hard) to work up a bit of optimism tonight. :wink:
I will say that this looks less bad than events of late. Although Fayyad’s statement also seems to be a dig at Israeli treatment of its Arab citizens and could be read as something of a veiled threat that unless any Jews who are still in Palestine want to be hassled, then all of the hassles that Israel’s Arab citizens face should be done away with, too.

I’ve had a few, and default to a hope that the Jews, Muslims, and Christians (yeah, we still have some over there) will find a common ground is something for which I have prayed for decades, I look forward to any statements that are seen as proposals and not threats. From ALL sides. This gives me hope and, because I’ve waited most of my life, during decades without it, a little hope goes a long way.

Do so! :slight_smile:

Hey, I did say “might almost” so let’s not get carried away!

Yeah, but I’m grumpy and oversensitive, Doc! Especially since the rebels took over OUR Church of the Nativity a few years back. As I said then, Jews and Muslims could screw themselves as they wish, but stay the fuck OUT of OUR stuff! :frowning:

As it is, the Palestinian Christians are bailing as fast as they can. It’s sad. I wish everyone who wanted to could find a home in The Holy Land. :frowning:

These aren’t really meaningful steps. They are more along the lines of agreeing to what is blatantly obvious to everyone else.

Which really are “meaningful steps” to the participants.