Jewish Sacrifices??

I know it would be at least slightly frowned upon today, but when and why did the jewish people stop sacrificing animals for thier God? Much of the rest of the Torah law is kept by fundamentalish jews.

In the Christian tradition Jesus puts a stop to all of that craziness for his followers. How did it come about that the jews stopped? I feel like this should be fairly general knowledge, but it doesn’t seem to be. Is this a sensitive subject, for any reason, sort of swept under the rug?

Destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. put a damper on things.

Of course, but did that somehow change jewish doctrine?

The reason for this being that the temple was where the sacrifices used to be conducted.

This Wikipedia article talks alittle bit about it, and the question of whether if the Temple were rebuilt sacrifices would recommence.

Presumably when they rebuild the Temple, they’ll resume the sacrifices.

The reason for this is that the Bible says that once a permanent location for sacrifices has been designated by G-d, it is forbidden to sacrifice elsewhere. Deuteronomy 12:5-14 says (bolding mine):

When did G-d choose a place? There’s only one time that G-d, through the prophets, ever indicated a preference of where sacrifices should be brought…II Samuel 24:18-19:

This spot is where the altar in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was located. These days, while we know in general where that spot was, we don’t have the specific location. The exact measure of a Biblical cubit is in dispute, so it’s impossible for us modern Jews to calculate based on the known location of other portions of the ancient Temple. Since we are specifically commanded to not sacrifice in any other spot, it’s better to not sacrifice at all, until the Messiah comes and that knowledge is restored to us.

so, if they don’t or can’t sacrifice or whatever, are their sins still covered somehow? if so, how?

I’m not sure what you mean by “covered”. Jews believe that God forgives sins based on repentance…if the person repents of his sin, and makes restitution if possible. But that was true even when animal sacrifice was possible. Animal sacrifice isn’t neccesary for the forgiveness of sins.

As Captain Amazing says. Animal sacrifice made atonement for sins easier, but it can still be done with proper repentance. The thing about animal sacrifice is that the ritual was designed to focus one’s mind on repentance, something that is still possible, though not as easy, without it.

Chaim Mattis Keller

So, what about the Samaritans who, IIRC, actually do conduct animal sacrifice?

Jewish tradition (that is, amongst all modern mainstream Jewish sects; I don’t know just what you’d call the Samaritans themselves) says they’re sinning by doing so.

Chaim Mattis Keller

You might try going to the Staff Reports, and a quick search would give you: Straight Dope Staff Report: Why do Jews no longer sacrifice animals?

And then there will be further schisms in Judaism.

The Samartians disagree with the rest of Judaism where the temple is/was, as they had their own temple during the period of the second temple (I don’t know if they still have it).

Wheteher the Samaritians are Jewish or not is a moot point as they are not recognized by the Jewish religious authorities in Israel (the old testemnt says that they are the descendnats of the people imported to the area by the Assyrians, though they are more likely the result of intermixing with a residual Jewish population). Of course they themselves think that they are the true heirs to Moses and that it’s the Jews who’re mistaken.


Interesting theory. What makes you say that?

I’d assume that the Temple’s rebuilding would only come about as a result of the Messiah’s arrival, and since that age will also involve “the world being filled with knowledge of G-d as the water covers the sea”, that would forestall any further schism-ing, as people would instinctively recognize what the proper will of G-d is.

Chaim Mattis Keller

Jewish doctrine is that sacrifices may only be carried out in the Temple, ever, nowhere else is permitted.

The Temple is destroyed, no sacrifices are permitted.