Jews during World War Two ?

I know that the State of Israel was established well after the end of World War Two (1948). What I am curious about is whether there was any reaction or resistance towards the Germans from
Jewish nationals in spheres outside of German influence, prior to the creation of Israel?

I don’t know what you mean by “reaction” or “resistance.” Of course Jews fought against Germany in WWII. American Jews, British Jews, etc. The Jews in Britain were not too happy with England as England’s policy favored the Arabs in what was then Palestine. However, when it came to fighting the Nazis, they had no hesitation, leaving their grievances aside until a better time.

I think that England favored the Arabs because it realized what a dirty deal it gave the Arabs after WWI. The Arabs fought on the side of the Allies against the Ottoman Turks in the Mideast, on the promise that they would gain independence. They were led by Lawrence of Arabia, who was also disappointed in England’s reneging on its promise. This was due to the French, who got England to agree to divvy up the land. But that’s another topic.

The British military starting recruiting the Hagana - the semi-legal Jewish militia - for anti-axis missions starting in 1940 or 1941. Hagana units saw action against the Vichey French in Syria and Lebanon; in North Africa; and behind the lines in Occupied Europe. In 1944 the Jewish Brigade was formed by Palestinian Jewish volunteers - it was a regular army unit (with British officers, I believe), and it saw action in Italy.

Besides that, Jews fought in all allied armies, among partisan forces throughout the continent, and independently. Besides the British sanctioned activities, Jewish militiamen (and women) would travel on their own from Palestine to organize anti-Nazi resistance. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising is the most famous of these operations.

Good Movie about the Jewish Brigade In Our Own Hands

Also, there was a real Jewish military contribution, which should not be overlooked, as members of the Armed forces of the countries in which they lived. This was true esp. in Poland but elswhere too.

As this site says:

Approximately 1.5 million Jewish officers and soldiers in the ranks of the Allied regular armies, in Underground national resistance movements, and in Partisan units participated in all theatres of the war fighting the Nazi Foe and Axis Powers.