JFK death notes to not be relased until 2043 or so?


OK, I’ll bite…what JFK death notes?

IIRC, the powers that be picked that date because they figured all of JFK’s direct descendants would be dead by then. For some reason they didn’t want the notes released while any of them were alive. Unfortunately I don’t have a cite for this and am too lazy to do a search on it.

What really happend.

Ah… conspiracy theories.

What evidence can you provide that death notes exist at all?

This is what the Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board said in 1998.


(The passage quoted comes from Chapter 6.)

Moreover, copies of the photographs have been released - it’s just the originals that remain closed - and are available, along with much of the rest of this material, here.


So, if you think the ‘death notes’ are going to tell you what really happened, no one is stopping you looking at them.

Well Aslan2, it looks like your bonfire has been thoroughly pissed upon. :wink:

I was under the impression that the third shot–the one that basically caused the right side of his head to explode–was fatal. Would the “notes” have added anything to that?