Jhonan Vasquez..any fans here?

i picked up a few editions of ‘johnny the homcidal maniac’ a few months ago and have been hooked since, i now have the complete JTHM series and ‘fillerbunny’, though at the moment thats all, i’m still waiting for ‘sqee’ and ‘i feel sick’ to be shipped.

and other fans here?

I’ve never read the comics, but I’m a big fan of Invader ZIM. It comes on Fridays at 9:30pm on Nickelodeon. But not for long. As soon as the last batch of new shows play, it gets the axe. Hopefully, Cartoon Network will pick it up so that others can enjoy it.

Man, I was into Jhonen before he was cool…


I wasn’t one of his San Jose friends whome he used to give drawings to…I never read Carpe Noctem magazine where he was first published…and, um…the first Johnny the Homicidal Maniac I bought was the last issue.


Man I was into Jhonen when he was right, you know, on that cusp where his coolness was already evident to creepy underground misanthropes and he was, like, three or four years away from breaking into the mainstream.

Anyway…yeah, Jhonen’s a god. Some of the funniest facial expressions outside of a Chuck Jones (RIP:( ) cartoon.

To all Invader Zim fans… check out Jhonen’s earlier stuff if you want to but be warned…the darkest moments in Zim are as napping Teletubbies compared to the world of Johnny.
Dark, violent shit…and I mean that in the best possible way.

Jhonen was at the San Jose Alternative Press Expo in 1998 and took part in one of the forum discussions. Someone asked him about future projects and when he mentioned that he had been approached by Nickelodeon to develop a series, the entire room burst into laughter…:slight_smile: