Jian Ghomesi celebrity trial

I live in Toronto, am retired, well educated, and attend a lot of trials here for several reasons (none being causes), I am anticipating comments here & I want to make some things clear.
It was a sexual assault case, but there was NO intercourse (never mentioned) & JG sated to one that he was bisexual, but I think he is sort of bizarre sexual. I admit he is a jerk.
My main objective here is to utterly cancel the goofy idea women have been howling about that women are not taken to be credible in the courts. I see at least a dozen cases of sexual ass’t a week in courts and the preponderance are decided against the defendant. It is a brazen insult to judges and juries to suggest such bias.
Next, of all the loud public whiners such as militant feminists, Black lives…, LGBT, and Occupy, do you know how many I ever see as observers in courts (except for high profile cases)? None Zero. I am often the only non-involved, non-family in the courtroom, so how do so many loud protesters have any idea what goes on in courts? They don’t !
So how did these accusers so badly lose their case? 1) Lucy Decoutre did NOT go to the police with her complaint, oh no, she was after a major CBC celeb., so she went 1st to the media (Star), then she hired a PR person. Do you know how many accusers I ever have heard of hiring a PR asst.? Zero. But LD was an actress in what has to be the most vulgar, idiotic, and repulsive tv shows ever - Trailer park boys. She knows PR. 2).
Then she went to the police, and gave a different story, and withheld important info.
Later she shared 5,000 messages with a co-accuser to be sure their stories were altered to “…sink the prick…” conspiracy to lie. 3)
She had no idea that JG had archived his messages from 13 years ago, and was caught in several lies as a result. One was that after he was said to have choked her she wrote “I love your hands,” and “I want you to F*** my brains out” (may not be precise wording), etc etc etc.
All of the major lawyers who spoke with the media - incl. feminists - and media - incl. zealot feminists - stated that the judge was 100% correct to acquit.
I am constantly disgusted that so many of these groups are Trump-Cruz -Stalin level anti-democratic; they don’t want fair trials or justice, they want instant lynchings based on their own biases and inadequate reading of media reports (which I have found remarkably reliable).

A guy who cuts you off in traffic is ‘a jerk’. Just sayin’!

I don’t know anyone who didn’t realise going in, conviction seemed unlikely. Any actual evidence tenuous. And yes the witnesses behaved badly, and the judge could not have ruled otherwise, very likely.

I think the anger you hear being expressed is about believing the victims, AND feeling certain he actually did commit these acts.

If you add all those things together that’s a huge conflicting mess. It seems like nobody is sure who to be mad at.