Jill Taylor vs. Debra Barrone

I confess to liking my TV fantasy women brunette, and now that I’m getting older, I like them a little older, as well.

Debra’s a cuite, but I think I’ll go with Jill Taylor. She strikes me as being a little more earthy.

Oooooh! A cackling harridan face-off!

Conniving, doofus husbands and the shrill harpies that tolerate them, on the next “Maury”!


[sub]I’da done Jill too, back in the day…[/sub]

??? Cackling harridan? She may be 52, but I think she’s still darned good-looking!

Me not find Debra Barrone. Link?

Debra Barrone, Debra Barrone, Debra Narrone!! Jill Taylor’s got nothing on her.

Deborah Barrone, aka Patricia Heaton, is Ray’s wife on Everyone Loves Raymond.

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Dammit. The show is EveryBODY Loves Raymond. Shows how much I watch it.

I’d have to go with Katey Sagal. :smiley:

Jill is too smart, Debra needs some Serafem, my vote is for Carrie Heffernan.

Absolutely no argument. I could probably even deal with the personality, but does her father have to be part of the package?

Emily Hartley.

Going with the OP question, I’ll chalk one up for Debra.

But Carrie Heffernan has got 'em both beat by a mile…

Bah. Laura Petrie. Or Mrs. Peel. Brunettes both.

Mrs. Peel was a redhead. Well, auburn.

As for older, Laura Petrie was in her early 20s. Remember the episode in which they found out that she was underage (17) when she married and they had to get married again?

If you stay with older brunnetes, you can’t go wrong with Emily Hartley. And smart is good.