Jim Brown (NFL) Turns 80 Today

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest of all time. Brown led the NFL in 8 of his 9 seasons, he played his entire career with one team, the Cleveland Browns, and he retired in his prime.

And he went into acting and co-starred with Racquel Welch. Whoo boy.

Need we say more?

We could say that he could beat Chuck Norris to a pulp.

accused several times of beating up women

That is not a bad movie I have the dvd. JB got it on with her. Raquel was/is so hot. the water tower shower scene :slight_smile:

Damn son!!! You just gon’ put pop’s business out there like that?
Watching ESPN highlights showing how unstoppable Jim was, not even close to fair. Was he ever stopped one-on-one?

He also starred in Tick, Tick, Tickwith George Kenney. A very forgettable movie except it was filmed in the bumfuck northern California town I grew up in and used to simulate the deep south. There is a scene where Jim Brown goes onto a school bus and scares the bejesus out of the school kids, and those kids were in the classroom next to mine in the second grade. School held a lottery and that class was randomly picked.

Wow, never heard of that, didn’t realize it. Football, such a violent game, and domestic abuse is probably more common among the players. Warren Moon, just for one.

Brian Bosworth, I bet.


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That is not a bad movie I have the dvd. JB got it on with her. Raquel was/is so hot. the water tower shower scene :slight_smile:


Actually I never saw the movie.

Thank you for this video. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She kept cleaning her breasts, I’m sure they were squeaky clean.

Not versus a woman, apparently.

I remember watching Brown play. If he got through the defensive line into the secondary, I swear it was like watching a bowling ball knock down pins. Defensive backs HAD to gang tackle him. I don’t know if there was ever a runner who combined speed and power better than Brown, but I doubt it. Looking up his stats he twice caught 40+ passes in a year. My memory is back then, teams didn’t often throw short passes to running backs.

 One thing I remember reading in a book that reviewed the 1965 football season was a section on team's favorite plays. It said Cleveland often had a halfback option pass where Brown could throw it if he wanted. He wouldn't unless the receiver was wide open. Looking up his stats on football-reference, Brown completed 4 of 12 passes in his career but 3 were touchdowns.

Brown was the 6th player chosen in the 1957 draft. Granted two in front, Paul Hornung and Len Dawson are in the Hall of Fame and John Brodie and Ron Kramer were pretty good. Jon Arnett , whom I never heard of, made 5 Pro Bowls. But how did they overlook Brown? Poor scouting? Bigotry? Draft by need?

Raquel was great, too. I had THE poster. My gf points out that Jim was Playgirl’s Man of the Month in an early issue, full frontal. The mag’s Wiki entry verifies (without that pic).