Jim Gaffigan on Donuts - is he totally wrong here? Or is it just us?

That’s because all the other flavors are just there for variety and to fill up the showcase. After they’ve tried them once, not many people actually like them.

The custard-filled are very good, but with the chocolate glaze, they’re too sweet for my taste. But that’s the case with me and with any donut with chocolate glaze. All their donuts are pretty good, but the original glazed has them all beat.

Y’ain’t Southern, are you? A couple boxes of assorted Krispy Kreme are a pretty bog-standard way for a boss to show appreciation for employees; and everyone’s got their favorite, and nobody is sad when the glazed are gone. Me, I go for maple glazed.

I mean, there’s likes and dislikes and then there’s hyperbole. Inspired by this thread, I drove out to the nearest Krispy Kreme yesterday for a couple of fresh doughnuts. The drive-up line was wrapped all the way around the building. You don’t see that at Dunkin’ Donuts. When I go to a party, I take a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Regardless how fancy the rest of the food is, that box gets emptied fast. They’re very popular.

You can see that at dozens of Dunkin’ Donuts here every day. And there’s rarely a donut sold either.

I’m always amazed at this too. WalMart even has them for 38 cents/lb. Eggs is another one - WalMart has 36 eggs for $2! I told my husband - too bad we can’t live on eggs and bananas alone!

One of my fondest childhood memories (this would be circa early to mid 60s) was my father coming home with a dozen assorted Amy Joy donuts. Damn, they were good! We lived in the Midwest. A Google search seems to indicate they are out of business. Anybody else remember them?

No one goes to Krispy Kreme for the coffee.

And while hot glazed is the gold standard (and almost a religion down here), there are plenty of decently tasty donuts at Krispy Kreme.

My local grocery store sells fresh donuts from a local bakery, 6 for $4.50 (occasionally even less if there is a special deal.) These are larger than KK-style donut and (IMO) better. They even have an apple fritter option most of the time. That’s pretty inexpensive. Not too long ago they opened a Dunkin’ in the same shopping center and I have never even bothered with it.

This is only somewhat tangential to the Gaffigan skit, but they literally would give away free donuts at the Krispy Kreme that used to be a one-minute walk from my house. I would go in there in the morning before doing a job, wanting to just get a coffee (I was on a bit of a diet at the time), and literally every single time the “HOT” light was on, I would get a free donut – that I didn’t want – while standing in line. Of course, I took it and ate it, because no sense of it going to waste. :slight_smile: And this wasn’t when they just opened, either. It had been in operation for a couple of years by that time. Clearly, the marketing strategy there was give you something for free, and you’ll be compelled to buy more or something like that. At any rate, I just got my coffee.

Someone told me they all do this, though I have never tried it.

OK, a Krispy Kreme for free, that I would take. They may be a below-average donut, but it’s tough to find an actually bad donut.

Krispy Kreme gave up trying to infiltrate Rhode Island. Apparently they didn’t realize we don’t like donuts that much at all. We have more Dunkin’ locations per capita than any other state because of the coffee.

Any good pusher will tell you - the first one’s free…

We’ve got some specialty donut shops where a single donut can run 3 to 4 bucks.

Yes, they’re good.

There’s a specialty donut shop near my mom’s house that runs around that price point. A couple of years ago they had some sort of promotion that they were giving out free donuts for (I think you had to show an “I Voted” sticker, or something along those lines), and so I tried one… Again, not bad donuts, as those are quite rare, but definitely nothing special.

The grocery store I go to has recently had a special on a 6-pack of donuts from a local cider mill. Normal price supposedly $4.99, now going for 99 cents. Now that’s a deal. I’m guessing maybe there’s less foot traffic at cider mills this year and they’re pushing them in grocery stores.

Yeah, we used to run a “Maker Lunch”, trying to get students to stay in the Art Dept. over lunch hour and hear “How To Screenprint/Letterpress/3DPrint/” etc… I’d announce it in classes and say “And there’ll be free pizza. Might be gourmet pizza, might not, but the thing about bad pizza is… IT’S STILL PIZZA!”

Same thing for donuts… though the bad ones need to get dunked in coffee.

I wouldn’t say Krispy Kremes are below average, but I wouldn’t wait in line for an hour to get them either. The Canadian donut market is largely Tim Hortons. I think they are good, but not excellent. I do like them better than some American chains.

A few years ago I attended a Sunday morning beer-donut pairing. A local chef who loves beer came up with the concept. Decadent-plus.

One of the donuts had a maple glaze that was incredible along with little chunks of thick cut bacon imbedded in the pastry.

I ate my donuts, drank my beers, then retired to the couch for the rest of the day.