Jim Gaffigan on Donuts - is he totally wrong here? Or is it just us?

Here is the relevant clip to listen to.

In the bit, he suggest that donuts are inexpensive and that they are practically giving them away. I get that it is comedy, but both my wife and I have always found ourselves confused about this routine.

Uh, aren’t donuts kind of expensive? We almost never buy them because they seem way overpriced compared to what we expect.

Are donuts cheap or not where you live?

Sure, you can find expensive donuts, but you can also find plenty of cheap ones.

I mean…they’re not at ‘giving them away’ level, but they’re cheap. Especially the packaged ones from the grocery store, but even at a (normal*) donut shop, they’re pocket change, not real money.

(…Blah…now I need a donut.)

*I’m sure there are fancy boutique donut places, but, like, Timmy’s or Dunkin, or the hole in the wall place at the corner.

I just looked at the nearest Krispy Kreme’s price for a dozen: $12. $1 for a doughnut made fresh in-house is pretty inexpensive, I’d say.

Doller per calorie they’re up there with Little Caesar’s pizza.

It depends where you buy them. Packaged doughnuts you get in convenience stores are dirt cheap. Ones made in supermarket bakeries are slightly more expensive but still quite affordable as are the ones made in local mom-and-pop doughnut shops and chains like Krispy Kreme (there are no Dunkins where I live). The more expensive doughnuts are usually found in high-end coffee shops and restaurants. (Not that it matters that much to me since I have to avoid doughnuts due to food allergies.)

What blows me away is Bananas. I live in the upper Midwest, 2000 miles from the nearest banana tree. They’re 33 cents a pound at every gas station! I understand the loss leader concept but no one is coming into a gas station for bananas and I’ll burn more in that in gas leaving my car on while I’m shopping. Even if bananas were free, I don’t get how transporting them make financial sense.

And they’re perishable.

A dollar a piece for Krispy Kreme? Those are expensive donuts. It’s not too hard to find them for half that price. And Krispy Kremes aren’t even all that good, as donuts go.

ikr? Cake donuts ftw.

Not many things are as cheap as they used to be. With donuts, you pay for quality, variety and convenience.

Most donut shops bake them fresh several times a day. The best ones still make them in house, many companies use preformed frozen dough. A fancy donut at a specialty store selling crazy flavours can cost up to $5, but most are in the $1-1.50 range. Thus, the expression “dollars to donuts” is dated.

At Econo-Foods, I can buy six decent, prepackaged sugar or glazed donuts for a dollar. More interesting flavours might be $3-4 for a half dozen, a dozen might be $4-6. Grocers offer better volume discounts than bakeries, but they are all the same flavour.

Is that a lot of money? No, but they were once fifteen cents at the bakery. They still are at the grocer. Still a cheap to make the folks at work smile.

For fresh doughnust made in house? That’s a pretty good price in my experience.

Subjectively, you might not prefer them, but they’re in the category of high-quality doughnut vendors. They below fancy-shmancy $5 custom doughnut places, but they’re above Dunkin’ Donuts, which no longer makes them from scratch in-house.

I just checked my local Krispy Kreme’s ordering page. A dozen Original Glazed is $9.49. A single is $1.29. There are other slightly fancier options that are more expensive. The most expensive single is Cake Batter at $1.79. The most expensive dozen is Salted Caramel at $12.99.

BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever actually even seen a Krispy Kreme that wasn’t an Original Glazed in real life. I don’t think I even realized they made anything else.

30 years ago when I was a closing driver for a Dominos Pizza next door to a Winchell’s Donuts, I could help myself to a trash bag full of 12 hour-old donuts that were on their way to the dumpster. Now, any donut I have to pay for seems expensive.

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Hey! Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Krispy Kremes are a specific style, and they fucking rock that style. For folks who grow up in the South, they’re the archetypal doughnut. If you’re finding fifty-cent doughnuts (that aren’t minis), I question their quality.

Toronto had a few Krispy Kremes. Dunno if they still do - the fresh ones are very good, less so in the grocer. Never made it to my medium city.

The Mexican Krispy Kremes sell a variety of tasty donuts. I think the US ones do too.

I have to agree (mostly) with the others. Last time I looked at DD, I think donuts were something like a dollar, maybe a buck fifty. IMO, that’s not very expensive for a really good doughnut. Cheaper ones from the grocery store should be well under a dollar.

Gas stations make money on what you buy inside, not gas. Some of these bigger gas stations (ie Kwik Trip) that are practically grocery stores, likely have people coming in to shop and not even getting gas. In those cases, you really do need loss (or break even) leaders to get people in the door. Bananas are one of the things people really do pay attention to the price on. If they run the price up to what it should be for that style of store, maybe closer to a dollar a pound, people will go to the regular grocery store instead.
At my store, after having bananas at 29¢/lb for nearly 20 years (this was 20 years ago), we finally changed it to 39¢/lb…we got calls from people wanting to know if the rumor was true. It was, like, a big deal. The local Fire Department called*, the owner of the Dairy Queen took notice because it bumped the cost of his banana splits.

*Granted, my (now ex) BIL was a fire fighter and they all shopped at the store, but it was still odd to see ‘Fire Department’ come up on the caller id and get a question about the price of bananas.

I think you’re contradicting yourself here - are you talking about really good doughnuts, or are you talking about Dunkin’ Donuts? Try a doughnut from a bakery, and you’ll never go to Dunkin’ again.

Krispy Kreme glazed are absolutely my favorite donut - and I’m not much of a donut fan otherwise. I don’t like adulterated, flavored, pink, maple, apple, or much of any other type of donut except perhaps Bavarian creme-filled. KK’s are perfect for what they are. I believe they change out their oil more often than most places.

It’s really whatever style you happen to prefer, but to say they “aren’t all that good” is completely subjective.