Jim Morrison..THE golden child

just a random observation

who can argue about the wonderfulness of Jim Morrison…all six feet of black Irish wonderfulness of wonderfulness

oh yea did I say how wonderful he was/is?

baritone voice that makes me melt like an ice cube
eyes you can go swimming in
ok, dont want to make anyone too sick with my adolescent pinings, but just saying…:smiley:

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How about one we don’t hear often enough.
The Crystal Ship

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He was an undiscilplined, uninteresting buffoon. He and the Doors are pretty much useless to me, in the same way as the Grateful Dead. Perhaps not without talent, but they utterly wasted what they had. Compared with other artists of his time, Morrison is irrelevant. A hack. A fool who managed to persuade some people into watching him self destruct. Good riddance to him.

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Nice threadshit. And only the third post in too. :rolleyes:

I like The Doors. Unfortunately they peaked with their first album and struggled to maintain their relevance thereafter.

Morrison was dealing with his own demons. I’ve read a bit about The Doors and Morrison, and from most accounts he was a decent enough guy, but he let alcohol take over from rational thought as the band gained prominence.

Morrison was intelligent and well read. He never made it past the self-indulgent stage that trapped a number “kids” of his generation though.

He died under strange circumstances which probably was due to the ingestion of a fatal amount of heroine that he thought was coke. But we’ll never know for sure. He really wasn’t much of a druggie, and always preferred booze, but would try almost anything on a whim. French law dictated that autopsies need only be performed under circumstances when foul play was considered. In this case he apparently wasn’t murdered and wasting money on toxicology tests just wasn’t the norm, so we’ll never know for sure what killed him.

40 plus years later we’re still listening to the music. A major film was released in their honour. They’re inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and get mentioned as influential to other bands from time-to-time, so, well I don’t know where I’m going with this.

I have all their albums on CD. I have poked around on Youtube over the years for new stuff. I kinda feel sorry for the Admiral that his son burned out at such a young age. And I wonder what would have happened if Jim would have just settled down in Paris and made it through a couple of years of post-Doors fame without overdosing unnecessarily and unintentionally.

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What threadshit? The OP asked “who can argue the wonderfulness of Jim Morrison?” and received an answer :rolleyes:

Grieving Doors fan heckled by anti-Morrison nuts

A while back I read that memoir about Morrison written by his pseudo-wife Patricia (they had a marriage ceremony but it was apparently never legally binding and my impression is that it meant way more to her than it did to him). The main thing I took away from it was that Morrison was a decent enough guy when he was sober, but a huge, raging asshole when he was drunk/high, and unfortunately most of the time he was on drugs/booze.
And now that I’m past the age of 27 myself, it seems really weird and sad to me that he died when he was only 27. He was still just a kid trying to figure life out, really. Too bad he didn’t live long enough to get his act together.

Sounds fair to me.

If you really want to stick to the intent of the thread, given that this thread is in IMHO instead of Cafe Society, I assume the OP doesn’t want to talk about Morrison’s creative work but rather about how dreamy he is.

Jim Morrison and I were born about the same time. He’s much better know and will probably be well remembered for another 30 years or so.

I’m a nobody in the grand scheme of things and will be all but forgotten except by a small number of friends and family. Even then probably for only a couple more generations.

But I’ve been alive for all these years. I’d rather be me.

Moving to Cafe Society.

Jim Morrison was a great rock singer, a great looking guy with a lot of charisma, and frequently a sweetheart…

He was also a wretchedly bad poet and a mean drunk.

I think the Doors’ greatest hits hold up very well, and their more experimental stuff is embarrassing (I can now hear Bruce McCullough growl, “Greatest hits is for little girls and faggots”).

Morrison could make Robby Krieger’s trite lyrics sound cool, but he couldn’t do the same with his own silly poetry.

He was a pretentious git, a violent drunk, and the Doors suck. There ya go.

Was and am a big Doors fan - and as a young Gay boy, I thought Jim Morrison was hot!

That said, he was also an egocentric jerk who (literally) threw up his free lunch. He had so much going for him, but pissed it all away with attitude and booze and self pity. There was a quote about Humphrey Bogart I am paraphrasing that said, “He was really a nice guy, but after three drinks - Bogart thought he was Bogart and turned into an asshole.”

I think that sums up Jim Morrison. He was a good singer, good songwriter and good performer - but he took his bad boy image and decided to embrace it and became more of a “brat boy” than “bad boy” and fucked it all up. I guess some people really can’t handle fame and fortune when it comes early in their career.

Somebody should have kidnapped Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix on their 26th birthdays and locked them up in a rehab for about two years.

Yea, if only someone had kidnapped him, (i would volunteer to do so);)…I read one of his bandmates was worried he would end up dead from his lifestyle, and held an intervention for Morrison. He stayed sober for a week…

Violent? I don’t recall anything about him being violent.

“Housewives and little girls”.

Don’t let that scare you; let it free you.

What about that time he broke on through to the other side, like Kool-Aid Man?

Morrison was a true artist, as time went by, he became disillusioned with performing as he strongly desired to have alot more creative oversight than what Elektra wanted. For ex, he wanted one whole side of a record to have that lizard king song,but the record company vetoed his vision for that. For him it was more important to have the freedom to express himself in the way he felt it need to be. At the same time there is strong reason to believe he may have.been fighting a mood disorder, either major depression or manic depression…he was highly intelligent probably got bored with things amd he was deeply sensitive and probably felt things more deeply than most. I read when he was young he used to visit a boy down the street from him who had leukemia. I think his drinking was how he tried to escape.from the depression and as time went by, his disillusionment with the singing.

You don’t have to justify either his life or your enjoyment of same. You asked if anyone could possibly ever see him as anything other than the emodiment of awesomeness or argue his wonderful mess – and your answer is yes, definitely, they can.