Jim Profit vs. Lila Morgan

Before David Greenwalt co-created Angel, before he became a writer for Buffy, he co-created a little show called Profit. I was watching the DVD just released, and realized I saw much of Wolfram & Hart in Grason & Grason. So, what better than a common creator head to head.

I an epic corporate battle, who wins, Jim Profit or Lila Morgan.

First one to answer Lindsey gets punched in the head. :smiley:

Profit. Lilah’s evil, but Profit is evil and deranged.

Gotta go with Lilah on this one. Profit may be more evil (having not seen the show I can’t say) but there’s no indication that he could maintain his evil ways after being stabbed in the neck and decapitated.

Indeed, but I doubt Profit would have allowed himself to be roped into signing a deal whereupon he has to serve his employers in perpetuity.

This entire question needs clarification: What kind of playing field are we talking about? Would it be in Morgan’s world, where magic exists, or Profit’s non-magical world? I’m still taking Profit either way, because I think he would more easily be able to adjust to the presence of spells and curses and amulets than Morgan would be able to ply her trade without such goodies available.

But we don’t know what Lilah gets out of the deal so it’s difficult to say she was “roped into” anything. Didn’t she also say she knew what she was getting into when she signed?

I interpreted that as being the typical “give me tremendous power right now and I’ll worry about paying up in the afterlife when I get there” kind of shortsighted deal that mortals throughout the history of literature seem to love to sign. I suppose that Wolfram & Hart could be providing her with all manner of unholy pleasures even after her death, but that seems like an unnecessarily sweet deal.

I had pretty much the same thought, so didn’t bother to clarify. If the would is supernatural, Jim adapts and uses the new tools, and still wins. So lets make Wolfram & Hart the playground. They’ve merged with G&G and Jim is the new guy in aquisitions. But his moves have been blocked this bitch over in special projects. He could just manipulate Angel into taking her out for him, but he seems to prefer working without violence. Lila’s mom is a weakpoint, I’m sure she has others.

My big concern about the show, even though I enjoyed it very much, was that Profit seemed a little TOO unstoppable. I didn’t see why he shouldn’t be able to take over the whole frickin’ planet by the end of Season One, since the good guys seemed so laughably ineffectual in the face of his genius manipulations. I haven’t seen the DVD … do the unaired episodes do a better job of reining in his powers, showing him to be more beatable?

Lilah. She’s hot.