Jim Webb to give the Dem's response to Bush's speech

This will be much more interesting than what Bush has to say. Webb is a good speaker, and I have some high expectations for him. I think he’s a fantastic choice for the Democrats and I’m glad they didn’t let one of the presidential hopefuls grab the mike. Maybe he’ll go off script and promise that his party will offer up legislation to rescind the Iraq AUMF*.


*just kidding. not likely at all.

And, of course that would be: Jim Webb. Can a kindly mod fix the spelling in the title?

Two B’s or not two B’s? That is the question…

It might be interesting but probably won’t be watched much. Can you name the last time the opposition’s response to a SOTU Address got any attention? Most everyone but political junkies like us on the Dope tend to get bored and flip channels after 5 or 10 minutes of the SOTU itself. Hell, even I almost never watch the response. Unless Webb really says or does something remarkable, his response will be as ineffectual and ignored as these things usually are.

You can read the response now, thanks to a “reporter” who chose not to honor the embargo.

No Probblem.

Being a Virginian, I’ve been watching Senator Webb for a while now. Frankly I can’t decide whether he’s slightly unbalanced or just a huge asshole.

That stunt at the White House where he was insufferably rude to President Bush is instructive. If he wasn’t inclined to be civil, he should have declined the invitation. It would have been the gentlemanly thing to do.

The fact that he didn’t do this, and instead made a spectacle of himself, says much about him, and not a lot good.

I thought that: The message and the messenger are two totally separate things. Or is that only when you agree with the message?

Behavior like that is itself a message, and not a particularly nice one.

What uncivil message do you take from the exchange? Bush asked him about his son. He said he’d like his son out of Iraq, and Bush said that wasn’t the question and asked it again. Webb declined to discuss his family.

Keeping in mind that this exchange happened despite the fact that Webb declined to stand in the receiving line to avoid this kind of conflict, how exactly do you see it as a breach of decorum on his part?

It wasn’t supposed to be, nice that is. But it was quite accurate, something your Dear Leader is not accustomed to what with all the sycophants he’s surrounded with.

Good on Webb not to kowtow to a delusional mass-murderer trying to deviate the real topic with small-talk.

As if he gave a shit about Webb’s son.

Oh come on. Clearly he wasn’t simperingly deferential to the Great POTUS.


If Webb didn’t want to make small talk with President Bush or have his picture taken with him, why on earth would he accept a White House invitation to a reception where these were the primary events?

As a contrast to this, DC’s new mayor, Adrian Fenty, was invited to the SOTU as a guest of the First Family. He declined, and went as Nancy Pelosi’s guest instead, giving as a reason Bush’s lack of support for DC voting rights.

A decline for a reason - that I can respect. Going as a guest but then insulting your host - that I can’t. Not my way of doing business.

It’s always inspiring, in a moral sense, when a Doper is willing to own up to shameful, disgusting personal history! :wink:

He may have had no motive other than delivering a sorely deserved rebuke. Why permit a a scoundrel to take refuge in propriety?

Tell me: does the fact that he’s a military man and yet isn’t in lockstep with you and your party make him especially ripe for your hatred? Or is that just a coincidence?

The President was clearly the one who was curt and rude first, but I suppose that this fact cannot be allowed to exist for fear of cognitive dissonance.

A very good speech, very well delivered. It would be difficult to call that particular Democrat “weak on defense”. I didn’t agree with his populist ideas on domestic issues, but he articulated them well, and I can appreciate the political appeal they hold. He did a great job on the foreign policy issues (read: Iraq), and I hope the Democrats have the *cajones *to follow thru.

Interestingly, this was very much his speech, and not a watered down Democratic message, or a laundry list of the typical Democratic hot buttons. Populist economics and get out of Iraq. Worked for quite a few new Democrats last fall.

Mr. Moto: I don’t want to hijack my own thread further, so I’ll just say that’s blatant, partisan hypocrisy on your part.

Then you’d agree that what you country is doing in Iraq under your Dear Leader shouldn’t be the way it “does business” either.

:dubious: Sometimes, the most gentlemanly course of action is diametrically opposed to the most patriotic.