Jim Webb to give the Dem's response to Bush's speech

Why would you be all for that? Please explain.

Giving raises to some teenagers while eliminating the jobs of others sounds like a lousy way to beat poverty to me, especially when doing something as simple as adjusting the EITC would have a much bigger impact on those minimum wage workers actually in poverty.

I don’t see anything in the constitution about Senators having to represent a fantasy world in which one pretends that Bush was being polite and Webb was the one being rude. Could you perhaps cite where in the Constitution that duty is listed?

Feel free to start a thread on the minimum wage hike if you’re really interested in debating it. I’ll see you there - after I get a response to the question I keep asking you in the ‘message v. messenger’ thread.

In this thread, I meant, “of course” in the sense of “you know where I stand generally, so it won’t surprise you to hear that I favor this.” And I said where I stood on that because John Mace asked me, and I did him the courtesy of replying.

I’d like to add, since Mr. **Moto **might not be aware of this, that we just had a very long thread on this subject within the last few weeks, so let’s not rehash that subject again so soon, and in this thread.

Thank you, thank you. My next number is one you might’ve heard:

MacArthur’s ghost is standing at his post
And keeping Bush from pulling out.
The yellowcake was not found in Iraq
So he’ll look real hard to find it
With a resolution to bind it
When we go next door to take it from Iran
Oh, no!

Some are so impressed by Webb’s response speech that they want him to run for president or veep in '08.

2008: Attack of the one-term senators!

Oh, dear Og, please no! It was hard enough getting him to the Senate in the first place; let him serve his term!

I’m glad that people like my Senator so much, but I want to keep him in the Senate, not in the White House.