Jimi Hendrix postage stamp is being issued. Good idea or not?

I got mixed feelings about honoring Jimi Hendrix. He certainly was a great guitarist and had the potential to have been the greatest ever. Except his drug use was out of control and he died. Didn’t he flame out in only about three years? Even Janis Joplin managed to survive rock fame longer than that.

What do you think? Did this guy even come close to “legendary” status? Should he get a postage stamp?

I always think about what Hendrix could have done. Imagine him maturing past psychedelic rock and creating some great blues or jazz records. This guy could have been bigger than Eric Clapton (who also did psychedelic rock with Cream). Can you imagine those two collaborating on an album?

His death was so needless and such a waste of talent. I just don’t see his short career as “legendary”.

You have a truly bizarre way of deciding who deserves recognition and who doesn’t. Take a look at the list of people who’ve been on postage stamps and tell me why not Hendrix. He used drugs? So did plenty of other people who’ve already been on stamps, including lots of musicians. His career was short? It was, sure, but in about three years he revolutionized the vocabulary of the electric guitar and helped change the course of rock music. His fame and his music has held up for a long time and he has a big place in American culture, so again: why not?

Well, he did have some sweet licks.

It’s too bad they can’t make a postage stamp that’s also an acid tab.

Here is what it looks like. Make your jokes now about licking it (even though it is adhesive peel off).

I must say, I find the image a bit disappointing, it almost looks like they were going for Chubby Checker or something. It would have been so much better if they could have used the the Philipe Druillet portrait.

Except you don’t lick stamps anymore. :smiley:

I can think of no one I’d rather see on a stamp. My only complaint is that the stamp the USPS came up with is really awful: a lousy, cartoonish likeness, surrounded by cheesy mock-psychedelia. Doesn’t look like Jimi at all. (And what the hell is up with his left hand?) The USPS did a great job on the recent Johnny Cash stamp; the Ray Charles stamp that came out at the same time was pretty good, but this one is a sadly missed opportunity.

BTW, you’re wrong about Janis Joplin, whose career was even briefer than Hendrix’s.

:eek: Hell, yeah!

Personally, I am not all that fond of a lot of Hendrix’s music, but he is one of the biggest legends in rock history (and enormously influential).

I don’t have strong opinions about Hendrix. I read the article and it just made me go, “that guy” really? This guy flamed out so quick. I just don’t see a legend here.

I know a lot of the musicians like James Taylor and Clapton did heroin. But somehow they got lucky and survived. They’ve been clean for a long time and have built legendary careers.

For me longevity and volume of creative work makes a legend. BB King has been busting his ass playing for 60 years. He’s a legend. I’d buy a postage stamp with BB King, Clapton or James Taylor on them.

OK, so you’re not personally that familiar with his music and his career was short. Why does that mean he can’t be on a stamp again?

Edit: Oh, you think volume is really important. Would you like to see the inventor of Muzak on a postage stamp?

Dude, sometimes the ones who flame out the quickest are the biggest legends. Buddy Holly got a stamp years ago; Jimi lived to a ripe old age compared to him.

Exactly. While I’m also not a particular fan of Hendrix either, I’m astonished that anyone would question whether he’s really considered a rock legend. I’m sure there are people who’d argue that he’s overrated, but there’s no denying that he is widely considered one of the greatest – and often THE number one greatest – rock guitarist of all time.

<shrug> I always felt legend is a title that’s earned. Maybe these days we give out that label more easily. I prefer to see people earn that respect and title from a long body of creative work.

I guess a Hendrix stamp will sell. If it makes his fans happy they can buy the proof sheets.

Peace, Out Brother :smiley: we need a cigarette lighter icon to wave.

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I don’t listen to Hendrix or Cream anymore. I lost interest in psychedelic rock a long time ago. It had its place and time. It certainly cost me some of my hearing. :wink:

I still listen to Janis. Especially the stuff she did with Big Brother and the Holding Company.

There’s also a Ritchie Valens stamp. But apparently the official position of the United States Postal Service is “Fuck the Big Bopper.”

He was a huge star during his lifetime and he’s been considered a legend more or less ever since. Regarding the Clapton thing, by the way: Hendrix and Clapton were good friends and mutual admirers. They did play together at least a few times, but I’m not sure if any of those were recorded. Clapton started using a black and white Telecaster just like Jimi’s and covered “Little Wing” with Derek and the Dominos, and Hendrix sometimes played “Sunshine of Your Love” in concert.

Great. No scalloped edge, no glue, solid gray.

Hendrix definitely had immense talent. I would have loved hearing his music as he matured and grew as an artist. He never got that chance.

It really was a roll of the dice who survived the 60’s. Guys like Clapton and Taylor were very lucky they made it out alive.

Ugh. That’s the brown acid of Jimi Hendrix portraits. I just choked on my own vomit.

Great idea, bad choice.