Jimmie Johnson: "a sprinkle on your dick"

Jimmies, in parts of the Northeast, are otherwise known as “sprinkles,” and a Johnson is a–well, you get the picture.

The idea is to find people whose first name and last name are both words with generally understood meanings as well as proper names, and your job is to provide a visual image for whatever combinations you can find with such meaning.

I can’t take credit for these; they came from Chicago DJ Steve Dahl, many years ago.

Chicago mayor Richard Daley -> Dick Daily. What every woman allegedly wants.

Chicago politician Richard Phelan -> Dick Failin’. What every man fears.

If mild puns are permitted, Dusty Rhodes, 3-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and dusty roads, ie driving during a drought.

Sticking with sports figues/penis references:

Peter (Pete) Rose.

Yes it did, and hopefully will again.

Dick Trickle always sounded like something you should see your urologist for.

Ginger Minge (SFW)

Lower right hand corner

Donald, Duck! (Warning to Mr. Trump, during an out-of-control Apprentice Board Room)

Pepper Johnson.

Um, better yet…please don’t!

Hugh Jackman.

“He’s got a huge ackman!”

Baseball player Rusty Kuntz.

Name and position, football, Wide receiver, Fair Hooker. Wide receiver gives a nice picture by itself. Especially in the spread offense.
Place kicker, Happy Feller.

Richard Keith “Dick” Armey: When your dick isn’t good enough to be like Rambo, you need a Dick Armey.

“Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf: I always thought his last name sounded like “schwartz,” which is Yiddish for the ol’ ying-yang (Thanks Spaceballs!) “Dick Cough” would be funny enough, but the Stormin part just puts this one over the top for me.

The name Harry Colon always used to crack me up.

New Hampshire has a few good ones…

Richard “Dick” Swett - Former US house of Reps.

Dick Tingloff - an insurance agent for State Farm in Merrimack NH.

I’m stealing this from somewhere, I think on these boards.

Magic Johnson: The possession of which allows the dude to look so great even after 18 years of being of HIV+.

Former VP of the Olympic Committee : Dick Pound. Ouch.

Actually, you misheard the Yiddish word-- Schvantz is the (or one) Yiddish word for “dick.” “Schwartz” just means “black.” (His last name translates literally into “blackhead,” which is funny enough, if infected-pimple humor appeals to you.)

I have a customer of mine named Richard Berning, and yes, he goes by Dick. What were his parents thinking? What kind of high school ribbing did that guy take?

To be fair, he’s like 6’5" and about 275lbs, so maybe he welcomes the attempts to make fun of him.

Wasn’t there a professional athlete named Dick Butkiss?

Please don’t make me draw you a picture.

It’s Dick Butkus- and he would kick your ass if you laughed at his name! :wink: