Jimmy Carter just won the Nobel Peace Prize

It’s too damn bad the Democrats in the Senate didn’t listen to him.

It should be interpreted as a criticism of the line that the current administration has taken,'' Gunnar Berge, chairman of the Nobel committee, said. It’s a kick in the leg to all that follow the same line as the United States.’’

You can read about it here.


Well, I’d like to congratulate him, without any sort of political commentary from my part. He’s been an idol of mine for a while now, and I’m happy for him.

Kudos, President Carter!


I am extremely pleased. He’s the only ex-US President I know of who has committed himself to something other than being self-serving. He is a Good Man.

http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB1034327479886751236,00.html?mod=world_news_whats_news (cite requires paid registration.)

I, too, am happy to see the man getting the recognition he so rightly deserves. He was simply too good a human being to be president.

I think it’s great. I didn’t think much of him as president, but as a human being and a tireless worker for charity, he deserves it.

From the linked article:

Amen, hon. Preach it! :slight_smile:

I have nothing but respect for former President Carter. It’s high time his consistent actions to promote peace and humanity are recognized. I don’t understand folks who live to wage war. War makes no sense at all. Once all the bombs have exploded, property’s been destroyed, and folks have been killed, you still have to deal with the problems that set the conflict off in the first place in addition to cleaning up the mess. It just makes more sense and IMHO requires far more brain power to find a way to address the problems peacefully from the getgo, rather than reaching for the nearest gun, and I know that’s difficult to do sometimes, but that’s the true challenge homo sapiens faces if we’re to survive and evolve.

[celestina raises her mug of espresso to Mr. Carter]

You’re a class act, sir.

I can’t wait to see the next “Ex-Presidents” cartoon on Saturday Night Live. :slight_smile:

He is a fine man, and well desrves the recognition he has recieved.

Congratulation, President Carter.

I just think it’s a shame that that self-righteous Norwegian couldn’t celebrate Carter’s achievements without taking a swipe at Bush as well. One has to wonder whether Afghanistan would even have been in the Taliban/Al Qaeda mess is he had forcefully nipped the Soviet invasion in the bud rather than simply boycotting the freaking 1980 Olympics. There is a time for war, Mr. Berge. I applaud what Carter did for peace…and what Bush is doing.

What, exactly, is the debate here?

celestina please take off your rose colored glasses and return to the real world.

No debate from me… I just really like the guy.

Well deserved, but poorly done, in my estimation.

Mr. Carter is one heck of a guy, the best ex-President ever. Hopefully, our current Resident will equally grace the title of Ex-President, and the sooner the better.

I cannot help but regret the addition of a partisan snipe at American foreign policy, however well deserved I may think it to be. An honor to such a good man should not have to carry any political baggage, and will surely be an embarrassment to the man himself. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see him refuse the honor on that basis, as he is a man with a very strict sense of proper behavior.

Which would be a damn shame.

Well, it’s about bloody time!
Good job, Mr. Carter!

Yes it is about time. I agree he pretty much stunk as a president, but as a human, he’s top notch.

Kudos to President Carter.

Well deserved praise from the Peace Prize Committee.

Carter is the last President I’ve respected completely as a human being. Right on!!!

Congratulations to Jimmy Carter. He is, without a doubt the greatest EX-president this country has ever seen.

Kudos also to the committee on a well-deserved swipe at GWB.

cmkellar: I think it’s a giant stretch to try to blame the Taliban on Carter. Reagan and Bush Sr. were far more culpable in bringing them to power (not to mention Saddam Hussein) basically for purely self-serving political reasons.

Carter is about the only US president in my lifetime who I actually believe sincerely cared about anything other than his own ego.

I’ve actually met the man, briefly. He signed his book Blood of Abraham for me with a personal dedication and was very gracious, not only in doing that, but in all of his behaviour.
Maybe one can’t be a good person and a good president? Maybe he was weak in realpolitik, but he’s surely a Statesman now.

Latest news is that Jimmy has accepted, so my fears were unfounded. This is good news. Right on, Jimmy C.! The strong are seldom good, the good, seldom strong. He is both.

Can he run again? Just asking.