Jimmy Eat World, Emo....WTF?

Personaly, “How it feels to be somthing on” is my favorite. rising tide i didn’t dig as much, but i still thought it was really good. I think they had such a change in style because jeremy grew up as a song writer (and became all up on jesus). But agree there last two albums are definitly more rock.

I agree with The Griffin – I hate the name “emo!” (Though I don’t agree with the insult he used…:() “Emo” just sounds so wrong to me, especially for a subset of the punk genre. I can’t really put my finger on what makes it sound so inappropriate, though.

Just had to voice my agreement since I think that EVERY time the subject comes up… glad to see someone agrees with me. :smiley:

But to actually comment on the OP, genres of music are a very subjective thing. I’ve heard bands called all kinds of things that just make me go “what the hell?” In the end, I think it’s better to just listen to what makes your life a little happier, more tuneful, or more thoughtful and try to leave the genre-dividing to the “I’m more (insert your favorite musical genre) than you” crowd.

a lot of it also has to do with the background of the band. i’ve heard elvis costello described as punk many times, even though he sounds nothing like sex pistols, ramones, clash etc. circumstance is as important as sound.

Maybe because the first time I heard the term I thought it was about easy listening types of music? I doubt I’m alone in that. Emo–>emotions–>love songs–> Marihah Carey? was my intital guess…

I can understand the use of the label in some senses, if only as a category for nerdy student boys in glasses and the bands they like, but Get Up Kids are pop-punk pure and simple. If they’re emo, then so were The Undertones and the Buzzcocks.

I guess with all the punky bands around critics need some way to differentiate between party punk like Blink 182 and the more serious stuff. But a lot of bands put in the emo category are only emotionally intense by comparison with, say, Sum 41.