Jimmy Eat World, Emo....WTF?

just for fun at work the other day :::shhhh::: i was looking at allmusic.com and their “style” descriptors. Emo…punk mixed with raw emotional lyrics yada yada…

Example bands:Fugazi
Promise Ring,
Jets to Brazil,
Jimmy Eat World

say what? Now, i like JEW (yeah, and i like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin too :wink: but i just dont see that. They arent the same freakin style.

Whats worse, they are touring with the Promise Ring, i guess that means they’re emo, then.

I mean, geesh, even Flickerstick is more emo than Jimmy Eat World, why arent they up there, you cant be “pop” and be emo? when i heard “coke”, i didnt catch the artist, i googled “coke emo” and got a few hits that thankfully mentioned Flickerstick.

and dammit, why wont they come down here for a tour…TPR i mean, not flickerstick, they were a bunch of drunken slobs in concert.

I’ve heard them labeled as emo before as well (mentioned with bands like Saves the Day) though I have no idea what Emo really means… In your opinion is Jets to Brazil correctly labeled? They don’t seem to have “raw emotional lyrics” either.

Jimmy Eat World’s older stuff was a lot more emo. the label’s stuck.

Yeah…Gex got it down…but if you think about, the entire new crop of so called emo bands aren’t emo in the loosest sense, they’re just pop-punk bands with a slight edge. Whatever happened to bands like Braid, Fugazi or Cursive?!

Nothing happened to Fugazi. They’re still around.

I’ve always felt that Sunny Day Real Estate’s “Diary” LP was the quintessential emo album.

Emo was originally short for ‘emotional’, just meaning a punk band with emotional lyrics. Now it just means wuss/wannabe-punk, i.e. Jimmy Eat World.

i’ll have to catch some clips of older jimmy and jets to brazil on the net and get back to ya (CLIPS, i havent done that file sharing thing yet) only heard a song or two by everyone on the *list other than TPR.

*allmusic.com’s list. I, of course, dont believe in labels. if if youre gonna label em make it correct :slight_smile:

Cursive and Fugazi are still around.

Braid broke up, kind of. Everyone but the guitarist started a new band call Hey Mercedes. They are basically a more melodic Braid.

Perhaps you knew this already and your question was rhetorical. Oh well :wink:

To be honest, I’ve never found “emo” to be a very useful descriptive term. I mean, we could just look at the bands mentioned in the OP: Fugazi, The Promise Ring, and Jets to Brazil–it doesn’t make much sense to lump these three into the same genre. Toss in a couple more bands who are recognized as emo (Braid’s been mentioned in the thread, Rites of Spring were the first to be described as emo, The Get Up Kids have, in the last couple years, been the biggest popularizers of the genre…), and we’re left with a word that obviously doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. If the genre can be said to include Fugazi, The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Braid, Rites of Spring, and The Get Up Kids, then it doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a stretch to include Jimmy Eat World as well.


Damn it…i was just trying to sound dramatic…:frowning:

Emo is the gayest name for a music category I’ve ever heard.

i’m sorry, the griffin. i’m not exactly sure what you mean. pray tell just what homosexuality and the quality of a genre name have to do with each other.

I don’t know, much of the latest Jimmy Eat World release is just straight up punk/pop, especially the released singles. Not nearly whiney or depressed enough to be emo. Someone like Piebald is much closer to my image of emo.

its a sad day when bands like sunny day (any one know the name of the new band with jeremy?) and fugazi are put in the same catigory as saves the day, new found glory, and dashboard.

It’s also sad to see STD and Dashboard be associated with NFG. NFG always were and will be a pop-punk outfit, saves the day have had plenty of emo cred in the past and so has the guy from Dashboard in his Further Seems Forever days…

I must not like Emo then…

I, too, think of Sunny Day Real Estate as the ultimate Emo band. It seems to me that Emo gets thrown around so much that it’s lost most of its meaning. Jimmy Eat World sure as hell doesn’t sound emo to me (regardless of how they were before), so I think people are just overusing the term.

Hell, I’ve heard people described Morrissey as emo, which according to the “punk band with emotional lyrics” definition, is so off the mark it isn’t even funny. Sure, he’s got the emotional lyrics down, but punk? I don’t think so.

'Nother decent emo band (no longer around) is Cap’n Jazz. Their Analphabeta…ology [can’t remember the name, but some comp album] is fantastic. Native Nod was another good band that is no longer around, but I jam to that quite a bit (comp album from them: today puberty, tomorrow the world).

I must admit that I have had a hard time finding emo bands, and the people at the music store by me can’t seem to recommend anything. :frowning:

Anyone help me out here?

FWIW I wouldn’t count Fugazi as anything. Too political for emo, IMO, but too obscure for regular punk. Gosh, what a great band.

Oh, hey, Sunny Day fans… what have you thought of their two albums after the pink album? I’ve gotten some rather mixed reactions. I like them a lot, but I think they’ve broken out of emo and landed right into alt-rock (and the newest is like alt-pop, a la Velocity Girl maybe?).

Another band i would call emo on prolly two of their three major releases: Mavis Piggot, released by flydaddy. Good stuff: Late Bloom is the fastest of the three, though they aren’t really speedy or anything. Anyone who has cash to spare should check them out.

Talking about fantastic emo bands, can Cursive get any better?! Emotion out of the ass, great guitar work and really bitting lyrics…it doesn’t get any better than that folks…