jk rowling dateline interview

With my usual skill I managed to screw up recording the interview with JK Rowling on Dateline tonight. My 15 year old daughter is not amused. Is there anyplace where I can find the video on the web? I found the transcript at MSNBC, but that just doesn’t do the trick.

Call 1-866-NBC-TAPE. Dateline offers VHS copies of their shows for sale, and that’s the number they give to order one.

Currently there are clips from the interview linked on Dateline’s website.

They had also been running clips all last week on Countdown. Though I don’t think there are any links or the like from there.

http://www.mugglenet.com has a link to it.

Well, the NBC number only offers the written transcript, which is available for free online. Mugglenet similarly links only to the transcript.