Joakim Noah

If I wrote a script on this kid’s life, it would be turned down as too improbable. Joakim Noah is tall, gregarious and has two famous parents. And he’s just led his team into the NCAA Final Four as a sophomore.

His dad is Yannick Noah, who in addition to winning titles at the French Open, also has a successful career as a musician in France.

His mom, Cecilia Rodhe is an acclaimed sculptress in France and is a former Miss Sweden.

I suspect that at night they all don special suits and fight crime.

aaaaaaaaand he’s going to be a millionaire…as a top 5 pick in the draft

Did you happen to notice how inarticulate and awkward he was during the post-game press conference? Billy, tell your player to take off the (backwards) hat while he’s on national TV. And for the love of Pete, Do Not Constantly Pick Your Nose!

Ha. That’s amazing. I wish I would have seen it now.

Was it up to the first knuckle?

Well, he wasn’t really digging as much as constantly playing with/rubbing his nose. However, it was still inappropriate for TV.

The guy’s probably not a very good public speaker. I often fiddle with notes or shuffle my feet when I’m talking.

But yeah, damn. Who’s his fairy godmother and where can I get in touch with her?

Well, to be fair he was wearing the ubiquitous NCAA Final Four hat they give all the players after clinching the regional final. It’s not like he pulled out the hat so he could go all Tupac.

I’m guessing his press conference was about 10 times better than what you’d get out of your average 19 year old.

Yeah, in his defense (I didn’t watch the press conference) he’s 19 year’s old. If I were 6’11" and 19 you’d probably never get me out of my bedroom.

I don’t know how to take this information…