Joan of Arcadia 1/7, Or Joan's Been Listening to Price

Joan’s a junior now, and Luke is a sophomore. They share AP Physics because Luke is so smart, and God told Joan to go into AP Science classes.

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It’s how I’ve been catching up on Lost, because I didn’t realize what I was missing until they replayed the pilot on the same night West Wing was a rerun. So, I said, “What the heck” and now I’m hooked.

One thing about this episode…they sure let it be known that Lucy is EEV-il…like the Fru-its of the De-vil.

What follows is probably more than a slight hijack.

People here (and on TWoP) have been referring to Lucy as Lucyfer for a while now. This makes me wonder, was the character named “Lucy” because, like Lucifer, she represents temptation to do things one probably oughtn’t, or is this mere coincidence? Is there any thinly veiled symbolism in anyone else’s name (Will [willfulness?], Helen [in hell?], Adam [first man?], Grace)?

Thoughtful analysis and wild conjecture are both welcome on this subject.

I really don’t think that names like “Luke” “Grace” and “Adam” are going to be chosen at random. God actually brought up Grace’s name very early in the show, when Joan was mad at her or something. Anyone remember what he said?

So where would Kevin fit in all this?

Errr. ummm…the front of his car kevved in? :eek:

Or Glynnis. I did think about these names, too. But like TJDude said, something about the names doesn’t seem completely random; there seem to be vaguely or overtly religious overtones in too many of them.

Lots of allegory, you’re right. Even Will’s name evokes, for me, Nietzsche’s Will to Power — atheism turned inward.

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The one thing that bothered me about the whole “I want to be an interior designer, so I don’t have to go to college” is that I know two people who are interior designers and they most definitely went to four-year schools. They majored in Art and Interior Design. It’s not like it’s only available at trade schools.

I liked the Rock-Paper-Scissors dueling, and Grace’s line about making out with Luke but rooting for Joan was the best line of the show.

I don’t think so. It’s just that intelligent people, like here and on TWoP, can come up with apt nicknames for characters we love to hate. If her name were Jennifer we could have come up with an equally appropriate nickname.

That said, I think Dickens was inspired when he named Ebenezer Scrooge. You can’t help but be a tight-fisted grouch with a name like that.

I still haven’t figured out why TWOP calls Greg on CSI “Liam.”