Joan of Arcadia 1/7, Or Joan's Been Listening to Price

Our Joan thinks college is not for her, until God urges her to visit a campus with Adam.

Didn’t Helen read Price the riot act because he encouraged Joan to apply to a community college instead of a university? Didn’t Joan witness said new-asshole-tearing and added her own FU hair flip?

Ah well. I’m sure all will be made clear. See you at 9pm. (except for you, Biblicat. I know you have other obligations that will necessitate you posting later. ) :wink:

This one was worth the wait. Man!

[spoiler]Joan telling off the guidance counselor, dueling with Luke, playing chess with God, making up with Adam, finding her way.

The duel. The supporters on each side. Goth God.

Kevin and Beth… clearing the way for Lily.

Will finally waking up to how far he has slipped. Did Lucyfer off Judith’s killer?

Not enough Grace, but enough… “I go out with you, but I root for her

Roger has to be at least a college Junior, so Adam shouldn’t be too worried… she may waver, but he’s ultimately too old for her.

One of the best![/spoiler]

Well, I was fine until the end, when Kevin started crying about Beth. And he admitted he had had sex since the accident? Excuse me, with whom? Did I miss an episode?

I thought Roger Tutorman was cute, and for a second I thought he was the drug dealer. The mug shot photo showed a young man with a similar hair cut.

The middle was a bit disjointed. God told Joan he was giving her a real assignment, and I guess meeting Roger Tutorman will be helpful for Joan, but I didn’t see the connection right away. I was distracted by the whole Might Be the Drug Dealer thing.

Who knew a rock-paper-scissors game could be so thrilling? I see that Joan has her fighting spirit back, so she will fight to go to college.

Interesting twist on Lucy(fer)…are we going to be getting a sexual harassment suit? I think she turned the Russian guy over to the feds because Will scolded her on touching him. I’m glad to see Will and Helen are connecting again. But I want to see more of Ex-Nun Lily. She seems like such a trip. Maybe as a love interest for Kevin?

Not much Grace and Luke interaction. I kind of missed that. I did like the scene in the school hallway with the different conversations going on at once. That was neat. But how funny is it that the guidance counselor still lives at home with mom and that she still chides him about putting water in his oatmeal bowl so it won’t dry out?

Notice how Chess God was very carefully setting up the pieces? I was wondering if it was because God wouldn’t knock over a chess piece while setting them up, so the actor was being very careful.

Who’s Beth? It’s been a couple months so I’m out of the loop. Is she Poitier’s? character? If not, !@#$%. I really liked her and wish she’d come back.

Kevin had sex with the woman he worked with at the paper. I think her name was Rebecca Askew.

You may recall Rebecca and a pretty difficult climb up a set of stairs?

No, believe it or not, that was the one episode I missed. I thought they just made out.

Sorry, Aesiron, I think Poitier’s daughter is gone. She hasn’t been around, and we haven’t seen anything of Kevin at work this year. But I agree, she was cute, much cuter than Beth.

Now, Kevin and Lily…that will do quite nicely.

Oh, and um…how do paraplegics have sex? I thought they were numb from the waist down. How does it work?

Forgot to mention, Aesiron, Beth is Kevin’s girlfriend from high school. He had a fight with her and then got into a car with his drunk friend.

How long has Beth been a character? She honestly doesn’t ring a bell at all and I’ve been reading these threads every week.

This year, I think. She came up when the lawsuit was filed. There was a flashback episode, where everyone was giving depositions, and we saw Beth after she confronted Kevin for cheating on her. He blew her off and drove off with his drunk friend. (It sounds like Kevin was a bit of a jerk jock pre-accident.)

Remember the episode where Kevin tried stand-up comedy? He ran into Beth at the courthouse with her lawyer boyfriend.

Very carefully.
Sorry, it had to be said. :smiley:

No, I’m serious! :slight_smile: If there has to be feeling for the penis to get erect, and there is no feeling from the waist down, how does the penis get erect?

Or does it just ensue all on its own? :wink:

Nope. That was after my accident so I’ve not seen that episode yet. Thanks though… at least now I know I’m not going crazy.

GQ: How do quadriplegics/injured people relieve sexual tension?

[Christopher Walken]“She can’t nurse worth shit, but I keep her around because I know I have erections in her presence.”[/Christopher Walken–Things to do in Denver when You’re Dead]

(Pardon me.)

Pretty good ep. overall, especially the rock/paper/scissors matches. I’m glad Annie Potts didn’t have much screen time, because I’m as tired of her as Helen is. Glad to see Helen and Will realizing how much they’ve neglected each other later.
I love Goth/Punk God!
I hope the writers finish out the lawsuit business and the case before this season is over.
Aes: Yes, I taped it for ya.

Oops, left out part of the quoted line: “…although I can’t feel it, I know…”

(I just have to have a sense of closure.)

'Scuse me.

Pop-up ads from God! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

OK, I actually work now until 9, and so I am missing my favorite show. Is there a rerun that I can see them on or what? I have not read the spoilers, but I cannot tape the show (due to technical difficulties) but I love it so …

Any help?


I thought she said “I make out with you…” which was even funnier

Question on Joan and Luke and their respective ages. Obviously, they aren’t twins, but they seem the same age and grade? I missed most of the first season. What’s their deal?

I don’t know if I’ve told you yet but I’m not going to be back to work until June or July at the earliest so it’s going to be a looooong time before I get to see these episodes.

I really appreciate everything though. When I get my settlement, you’re going to get a ***very ***nice present. :slight_smile:

Luke is a year behind Joan… at least chronologically.